Richard Dawkins supports the British Monarchy



We truly are a mixed lot of cats as atheists. Even Prince Philip said “A Republic is a perfectly acceptable alternative.” Posh and Becks? Really, Professor.

Read my previous article on how monarchy takes away freedoms in a gilded cage of a Prince at birth.

I am reminded that even Christopher Hitchens abandoned a Thomas Paine view of monarchy to a gradual incremental change in time, fearing as I do that a Presidential system can ape a monarchy:

The last-ditchers are right in one way: it would scarcely be progress if we scrapped the Windsors and then prostrated ourselves at the feet of an imperial presidency. But if the argument is rightly conducted then the attitudes required to see us through to a democratic republic – or federation of democratic republics – would be their own insurance. We even begin to think as democratic republicans, and culti vate and reward democratic republican virtues.

Those who really wanted to would not be prevented from idolising Prince William or from gurgling at the Queen Mum. There will be room for royalists and restorationists in a democratic republic, and there will no doubt be tabloids and glossies to gratify them. But the large and growing number of republicans and democrats will not have to witness this spectacle as if we were all a part of it, and it was all a part of us. [Source]

This Fabian like call for the republican state will be too slow for most, who like me can be found using #bornEqual on twitter. For the likes of Donovan (@MrOzAtheist) and myself this cannot happen fast enough though I imagine he will have an elected head of state before me down under whilst I imagine Prince William will be reining on the throne whilst I am six feet under.

Still if you wanted proof that atheism is not a political consensus creating paradigm – voila.

Article written by John Sargeant on Homo economicus’ Weblog

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3 responses to “Richard Dawkins supports the British Monarchy

    • He was not exactly brandishing his republican credentials when new royal baby was born. Would not elaborate; his position seems less vocal than 2008 if not changed in 2013.

      It seems he favours constitutional monarchy we have in UK because a popularly elected head if state maybe frivolously chosen. That is a change in attitude.

      Unlike many tweets where he has posted a full clarification on his site, not seen any on his position now to monarchy. Tweeted him at time.

      As you commented have tweeted again, including the republican twitter account. If there is a response will update post đź‘Ť

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