Opting Out

I fear that sort of intimidation and bullying does happen at high levels of the secular and atheist movement. It needs exposing and challenging, not sweeping under the carpet or growing a thicker skin to ignore. Thanks for posting.

I imagine either the court of public opinion or civil courts will decide the allegations circulating around – far from the ideal way. As you say, irrational responses are not helping here.


Note: I’m overwhelmed by the response this blog has gotten! If your comment has been trapped in moderation, sorry about that–I work full time and didn’t expect my blog would get this level of attention. I’ve left some particularly atrocious comments up because I feel they prove my point. So, survivors, trigger warnings ahead.

There’s a subculture with a healthy Internet presence, centered around passionate advocacy for a particular ideological cause. It has several popular male leaders. These men enjoy comfortable jobs, speaking engagements and publishing credits. That places them in a position of power in this subculture, and they’ve got the dedicated followers to prove it.

And then these leaders are accused of abuse: sustained sexual harassment, even rape, all directed at women, an under-represented demographic in this community. Rather than treat these allegations with respect and serious inquiry, there is backlash. These women, people say, are sluts. They…

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