New Theme For The Blog

Last night it dawned on me the journalist theme for the blog was rather out dated. The site needed a lick of paint, and the sidebar was overburdened with things.

So after much trial and error have chosen the Pilcrow theme you see here. Looks much better, allowing a header which matches my Twitter one. That is me in the middle opposite Christopher Hitchens having a glass of wine engaging in a conversation worth having, photo taken at the Atheist Alliance International Conference 2007. On the header you will find info about me, the blog, and a narrative of how I ended up from an indoctrinated home schooled child to a graduate freethinking activist helping out the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science in the United States.

The side bar has moved to the left after having made a conscious decision to showcase my scribbles while at the same time sliming down what is there. At some point will link to other sites were I have been published such as The Commentator and Left Foot Forward (I’m not hard right or hard left – just an Adam Smith and John Rawls political liberal). The aim is instead of having a static blogroll of those I read regularly – but which hardly anyone clicks on – will be reblogging or linking to others whose works you may just appreciate if you are reading this blog.

Some people have asked if they could be regular contributors to the blog. No problems people tweeting me a link to their post with a view to me either retweeting or reblogging on here. Otherwise, this is a space to say what needs to be said without keeping it to myself. As always appreciate immensely that people are sharing my posts via social media and sharing articles with me on Twitter that can be used for the blog.

With over a thousand people regularly following the blog, and even more on certain posts, hope if you are new after a good look around you join in by following via email. If you come directly to the site hope it is more visually appealing.

Thank you for reading the blog – hope you like the new look.

Article written by John Sargeant on Homo economicus’ Weblog

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