Sunny Hundal: Sikhs “Great Religion, Shame About The Followers”


Sunny Hundal has been interviewed on “The Sikh Religion and Feminism” where he discusses that the creed is based on equality but:

I have my own saying about Sikhs: – ‘great religion, shame about the followers’.

… all the Gurus also came from the same ‘caste’ even though the practice of putting people into castes was rejected and seen as abhorrent. None of the Gurus came from a low caste, perhaps for the same reason why there wasn’t a woman Guru.

Sex-selection, dowry payments and violence against women in Punjab is rife – and among the highest in the country. So I’d say most Sikhs have done a pretty bad job of upholding the ideals of what, at heart, is a deeply egalitarian religion.

Read the full interview here.

You may also be interested in this blog post: Sikhism – A Feminist Religion? by Shiha Kaur.

Despite all the examples of equality in Sikhism, I am in the strange position where I should be able to reconcile my feminist beliefs with my religion, but cannot always do so. Ancient cultural traditions sometimes take precedence over the principles of feminism in Sikhism.

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3 responses to “Sunny Hundal: Sikhs “Great Religion, Shame About The Followers”

  1. * Small Town Girl *

    100% agree with the title statement. Most Sikhs these days, myself included, have grown up in environments where Punjabi culture has overshadowed Sikhism; and as a result it’s difficult to find Sikhs who know more about their religion than their culture.

  2. Maximus

    Embarassed to be a Sikh is our Sunny, cut his hair at 14 and never looked back.

  3. wajinder singh

    its true all the sikh Gurus were of higher caste because the society at THAT TIME were heavily divided in to such deplorable social systems, the higher caste will never be willing to accept doctrine from a lower caste which is frowned upon his class thus rendering propagation of equality ineffective the same as to why there were never any woman Guru in sikh faith. Society have placed women as unclean unfit to even lead a congregation. This is probably God’s way of selecting acceptable Gurus to educate the masses at THAT time. The free kitchen (Guru ka Langgar) where devotees dine together, the common cleansing sarovars, the concept of women equal to men in every way, love for humanity ARE some of the fundamental teachings of sikh faith to eradicate caste, color or creed discrimination, Though with a heavy heart your premise of the prevailing practices are so TRUE, we are still re-discovering the doctrine of Guru Nanak. A lot of hindu rituals have crept in over time, today many voluntary organisations have begun reforming the sikh faith – like einstein said its easier to crack an atom than age old rituals.

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