New Jersey Ban Conversion Therapy


The New Jersey law banning conversion therapy is one step in the right direction of protecting children from abuse. It will undoubtedly be challenged by those who think that kids are parental property and not human beings entitled to bodily integrity. Hopefully, though, it will serve as a model for future legislation protecting the most basic rights of children – and hopefully, the peddlers of “religious freedom” as cover for misogyny, homophobia and abuse will eventually see their shtick uncovered. [The Guardian: Comment is Free]

As I said on a previous post on conversion therapy, on which to clarify mean choices about seeking counselling:

    This begs the question how a minor would act as a client asking for “help”. If we accept that a child is making sense of the world, ideology, culture and religious upbringing, it seems more plausible that somebody else is attempting to impose their views on a child’s development.

    Rather than a healthy development to adulthood this is about conversion – not just about altering but ensuring a set outcome. A child does not have the same ability to stop treatment if the parents and therapist agree that homosexuality is wrong.

    The article goes on to say civil rights groups support conversion therapy for children, but does not mention them. It states that people that want to change their sexuality should be able to seek the sort of help they want.

    Again though adults can make choices, but the issue is how should adults make them on their children, and on what basis think such “therapy” is necessary?

    Children should not be labeled with their parents religion. Equally this applies to sexual orientation. With no studies to suggest what harm such interventions may have, or a medical reason for allowing such interventions, minors need to be protected from these practises.

    Which are nothing short of quackery for homophobic parents.

Article written by John Sargeant on Homo economicus’ Weblog

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