Parliament has sent a clear message to Assad: he can go on killing without fear of British reaction

Great piece that sums up my feelings over Commons vote that defeated the British Government motion by 13 votes. My Syria intervention strategy is outlined here

Greater Surbiton


We live in small-minded, mean-spirited times. More than two years into the Syrian civil war, with 100,000 dead and Iran, Russia and Hezbollah openly supporting Assad’s murderous campaign, Britain’s parliament has narrowly voted to reject Cameron’s watered-down parliamentary motion for intervention. This motion would not have authorized military action; merely noted that a ‘strong humanitarian response is required from the international community and that this may, if necessary, require military action that is legal, proportionate and focused on saving lives by preventing and deterring further use of Syria’s chemical weapons.’ Cameron would still have needed a second parliamentary vote before he could have authorised the use of force. Parliament’s rejection of even this feeble step sends a clear message to Assad that he can go on killing without fear of British reaction.

The strength of isolationist, Little Englander feeling in Britain has been demonstrated. Cameron was defeated by the same uncontrollable ‘swivel-eyed loons’…

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6 responses to “Parliament has sent a clear message to Assad: he can go on killing without fear of British reaction

  1. I have been thinking about this a lot over the last few days. In particular the passages about Tories cheering the bombing of British ships, and Members of the House of Lords who ” lent themselves to organized libel campaigns against the Basque children who had been brought here as refugees.” Plus ça change. I’ve also been thinking about Auden and his phrase “a low dishonest decade.” We can only hope the current political consensus (a lie which absolutely needs unfolding) doesn’t out-last a decade (if it hasn’t already.), and that it isn’t shattered, in so devastating a way as it was in the summer of ’39 and onwards.

    • I find the “nothing we can do, only make it worse” attitude woefully inadequate. A no fly zone, safe havens and protecting refugee camps would give immediate relief and show global determination that might help an international conference work.

      This bigger picture was lacking for a majority of MPs. The motion lacked specifics and Tory MPs needed more hand holding for the motion to pass.

      In the meantime we continue to watch Syrian people suffer.

      • “This bigger picture was lacking for a majority of MPs.” Few politicians seem to be able to think in depth anymore. If they can, they keep if quiet. They prefer to be sound bite spewing, lowest common denominator politbots. The higher up the pole they go, the shallower they seem. Getting a PPE may help you when you need to react to a Twitter storm, doesn’t seem to help you to think and argue about the big questions.

      • Urm, I read Economics and Politics 😉

        Know what you mean – sound bite politics lacks the determination to see and confront the complex reality.

      • Yes, but you don’t give the impression that that’s ALL you’ve ever read.

  2. What do they know of politics, who only politics know? (does fist pump)

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