Humanist ex-soldier denied opportunity to lay a wreath on Remembrance Sunday.

Why not allowing the non religious to commentate the fallen at offical ceremonies is a disgrace.

Honour, sacrifice and duty are what make us human – not religious.

Glen Carrigan - Homoscientificus

poppyUpdate, 24.11.2013: Grateful to have recieved a response from Mark Hendrick MP with regards to this article.

Update: Published on Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science

A few weeks ago I was asked by the Stockport Humanists if I could present a wreath at the official Remembrance civic ceremony. I was extremely happy to help and also honoured to be asked to take part in a day that has particular importance to me and all other serving and non-serving military personnel past and present. Imagine my surprise to be contacted a little later and told that I was not allowed to lay a wreath as an official part of the ceremony to pay my respects. Certain individuals and organisations including The Rt Revd Robert Atwell have the opinion that “we remain clear that this is a religious ceremony and wish it to continue as such” (Jan 14th 2013)…

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