Sushmita Banerjee Shot Dead


Escape From Taliban” recounted what life was like under the Taliban for Sushmita Banerjee, and attitudes to women in Afghanistan. As she outlined in an article:

Members of the Taliban would often call on the village folk and demand food. They came to my house on at least 50 occasions. I have cooked for them. They would come in groups of 50 persons. Sometimes, the house would be searched for weapons. We had two AK-47s. In fact, every house had its own weapons. This shows the terror all around.

Having recently moved back to Afghanistan, it seems militants had not forgotten the Indian woman of “loose morals” for running a dispensary from her home who dared challenge how she was treated. A death sentence was passed on her by the Taliban, and the memoir of her escape became a best seller in India and a Bollywood movie. She had returned once again as a health worker, and was working on a film to highlight women’s health issues.

Police said Taliban militants arrived at her home in the provincial capital, Kharana, tied up her husband and other members of the family, took Ms Banerjee out and shot her. They dumped her body near a religious school, police added.

The Taliban have told the BBC they did not carry out the attack on Ms Banerjee. [BBC]

With talk of withdrawing from Afghanistan, and negotiating for peace with the Taliban, we must remember exactly what peace is like under the Taliban.

Article written by John Sargeant on Homo economicus’ Weblog

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  1. A question that always comes to mind when I hear mention of negotiation with the Taliban (or any other religiously inspired thugs) is “How do you negotiate with someone who as a mandate from god?” Are gods foot soldiers willing to compromise on carrying out “his will.” Or, is god open to persuasion?

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