Free Schools From Religious Ethos


Posted on Left Foot Forward

The Islamic free school Al-Madinah in Derby has been closed. Ofsted continues investigating without comment, so we are at liberty to pick from a number of reasons so far offered for the closure.

Thus far the school has been accused of a number of violations of Ofsted standards, including: making girls sit at the back of class, mandatory headscarfs for non-Muslim teaching staff, not following the national curriculum but devoting two hours a day to islamic studies, and flouting ‘health and safety’ rules.

This seems a good time, then, to make clear a broader set of principles which should apply to our schools: schools are places for education – not indoctrination that women are inferior, nor learning religious texts by rote while neglecting core learning requirements for the wider world.

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Article written by John Sargeant on Homo economicus’ Weblog

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