ITV Exposé On Underage Brides In UK


Reblogged from Left Foot Forward “Britain is failing to protect minority women” by Lejla Kuric

    An undercover investigation from ITV’s Exposure has revealed that some Muslim clerics in the UK appear to be willing to perform marriages of underage girls:

    “Two undercover reporters called 56 mosques for Exposure to ask whether they would perform the marriage of a 14-year-old girl.

    “Two-thirds of those contacted refused to perform the marriage, and many of them made clear they found the request abhorrent. But 18 of the respondents spoken to agreed.”

    Official government figures estimate that around 400 schoolgirls, mainly of south Asian origin, are forced into marriage every year. It is believed that these marriages are solemnised during school holidays when children are sent to Pakistan and India.
    According to experts in the field, the official figure is an underestimate and there are indications that many children are secretly married here in the UK.

    The problem affects Muslim, Sikh and Hindu communities. Two thirds of underage marriages occur within the Muslim community, which is proportionate to Muslims making up two-thirds of the British minorities. What is unique to the Muslim community, however, is the fact that some Islamic institutions in the UK have created a system that is open to abuse.

Read the whole post here.

Photo is from the “Vow” campaign by Plan UK to end child brides – for more read here.

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