Mo Ansar and “Poppy Fascism”


On “The Daily Politics” Tuesday 29 October Mo Ansar answered questions concerning the previous nights documentary “When Tommy Met Mo”.

However what I did miss, eagle eyed spotters noticed, was Mo Ansar wearing a poppy.

Could this be the same Mo who wrote: Poppy Fascism

Remembrance should be an act which promotes peace in the world, a cessation of hostilities and commemoration of all loss of life regardless of race, colour or creed. Sadly, this is not what the Royal British Legion’s current Poppy Appeal is about.

What causes such an outrages title for his post when we consider the millions who laid down their lives in the fight against actual fascism? A Personnel Recovery Centre for wounded current serving veterans, which for Ansar is a betrayal of the legacy of the poppy appeal and helping assist in modern “illegal warfare.”

As the Royal British Legion mentions:

Chris Simpkins, Director General of The Royal British Legion, said: “The Legion stands shoulder to shoulder with all who serve. So our commitment to their recovery is a key part of our lifetime support for the brave Service men and women who put themselves in harm’s way for the nation.

“We are delighted to be funding the operating costs of the Personnel Recovery Centres, including this Centre at Colchester, as well as the establishment and running of The Royal British Legion Battle Back Centre. This is the largest single project we’ve ever undertaken, but helping heroes get their lives back on track is what the Legion has done for 90 years — and will continue to do.”

So a reminder – Mo is against this being funded by the poppy appeal because it may help the recovery of service personal in a war he disagrees with. He is entitled to disagree, and we can with him too. Democracy is after all worth fighting for, as those who signed up for the armed forces believe in. If they are severely injured I am sure they understand Mo’s objection to war extends to not supporting their rehabilitation.

This is what amounts to Mo as poppy fascism:

Should people wish to wear poppies, so be it. There is no compulsion in belief and this remains their prerogative, which as a courtesy should be accommodated. This is not an argument about the wearing of poppies in absolute terms – although that may well have some legs. The Poppy Appeal is certainly happy to take money from the BNP. This is thrust into our homes with the BBC’s practice of pinning a red poppy on to virtually everyone on their TV shows. ‘Tis nothing if not propagandist. Presumably accusing state run media of ‘bias’ is no more idiotic than bemoaning the cow for dropping a pat in its own field because it isn’t ‘toilet trained’. They will even digitally add a poppy if you’re not wearing one. Take a second to think about that utterly IngSoc move.

In his bid to be taken seriously in the mainstream, it seems Mo has become a victim to poppy fascism and the BBC two years from when he wrote his post. Or he freely chose to wear something he personally disagreed with wearing. Perhaps injured veterans deserve our support regardless of what we think about the war they fight in.

Wear your poppy with pride or do not wear it at all. And always remember:

Greater love hath no man that he should lay down his principles to be on TV

Article written by John Sargeant on Homo economicus’ Weblog

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2 responses to “Mo Ansar and “Poppy Fascism”

  1. Mark

    The best thing about Ansar’s blog, is that it is virtually a comment-free zone. Dimbleby once introduced him on the radio as having, “A very popular blog,,,,” Who says? Mo I suppose. A blog? Anyone can have a blog, and write about banana-arranging if they want. They can also shout at a mirror for what it’s worth.

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