Richard Dawkins Declares Terrorists Won After His Honey Pot Seized


Richard Dawkins did not quite flip his lid when honey was confiscated from him by airport security; responses on twitter to this event did though. He tried to use the incident to show the petty rules which do not so much keep us safe, as show how terror impacts on everyday commuters – “security theatre” to give the show of measures to protect us.

This being twitter, that is not how it came across to some …


A reply:


The retort:


Which if he knew the rules makes you wonder how the heffalumps confiscated the honey …


And the less humorous:

[edit 5/11: I poorly expressed this. Less humorous because it is so cutting to the pomposity Dawkins conveys – rather than funny reminded me of true victims of terrorism. Satirical – for sure.]


However the champion response for a fun Sunday goes to Jamie Jones:


And also:


I fear Richard was not seeing the sweet side of the great honey pot robbery:


Update 4 November 1:50am

A few hours after my post mainstream media picked up the story. That, and twitter, sadly has not helped Dawkins realise how his initial tweet sounded to critics and those that enjoy mercilessly mocking someone who not only does not get it, but gets annoyed missing the point of what is being said.


If he had said something like, yeah honey did sidetrack my main point you got me with the lampooning, but seriously are these measures giving into terrorism and counter productive?

Instead Dawkins said people were “too thick” and “idiots” – so think that serious debate did not get the kick start he wanted.

Word of advice – on twitter do not let them see you bleed; and public understanding might be helped by not insulting them.

Edit 4th Nov 3pm – just added top picture. Could not resist. Earlier edited first paragraph so word show not used three times (my English teacher would turn in her grave if she knew).

Article written by John Sargeant on Homo economicus’ Weblog

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2 responses to “Richard Dawkins Declares Terrorists Won After His Honey Pot Seized

  1. Mark

    Aside from his obvious liking of Monty Python/John Cleese, he has a very limited sense of humour. I’ve often thought, “Fuck me, I’m glad he wasn’t my teacher.”
    More and more, I suspect The God Delusion was a collaboration, rather than just his words. How can the writer of a great book, make such idiotic Twitter foot-in-mouths, and completely miss ironic points? Or maybe more to the point, realise some irony, but get angry that someone should do such a thing, rather than be serious about his point.

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