President Obama & the Tea Party Gettysburg non-scandal.

I mentioned UK Conservative Minister Warsi reinventing history when citing Churchill and Thatcher in an earlier post

Well anything Conservatives can say here, American ones can do better (on Obama and Gettysburg Anniversary).

Though Warsi would of course disagree …

Great stuff as always FD.

Futile Democracy

gettysburg address, snub gettysburg, obama gettysburg

It is 150 years today that President Lincoln gave perhaps the most important, and brilliant speech he would ever give. A speech that defined the era, and solidified the ideals on which the United States was born. The Gettysburg Address is one that rings as true today as it did in November 1863.

Predictably, conservatives over the pond have used the anniversary as a platform to launch yet another misleading and absurd attack on the President. This new line of attack comes in two parts; both equally as absurd. Firstly, that the President “snubbed” the Gettysburg Address memorial at Gettysburg, and secondly, that the President omitted the words “under God” when reciting the Gettysburg Address earlier today. Both – as expected from this current crop of conservatives – are entirely misleading, and represent a complete lack of respect by those on the American Tea Party right who will use anything…

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