Here are Gender Segregation Guidelines University UK Pulled From Internet

The University UK (UUK) guidelines on segregating have been pulled from the Internet, after politicians including the Prime Minister.

I wrote a detailed article on the UUK two page case study concerning segregation here, and part of my research for writing included using an app to download the guidelines.

So for those wondering what UUK actually said see below.



Previous post analysing UUK case study allowing gender segregation

As I mentioned at the time:

So a huge issue not raised by the case study ensues from the above – is the speaker attending as an individual or in a religious capacity? This has not even crossed their mind, just as a public/not public meeting distinction has not. If as a religious figure but at a public meeting, then public event rules should hold to prevent sexual discrimination.

It should concern us all that gender equality is being undermined by minority religious views. The University UK guidelines in a two page treatment miss out some key issues to discuss, and uses such a bizarre set of circumstances to frame general guidelines that they have not helped clarify the situation, not helping by failing to realise that men and women being seated apart is not treating everyone fairly when sexual discrimination is the reason for such a segregated seating arrangement existing.

Calling sexual discrimination free speech, or religious freedom does not change a thing. Reading this, it seems the Equality Act by not mentioning gender on a par with race may require a future amendment if we are serious about people not being treated according to gender in the public space.

I would regret needing a law to prevent such discrimination by gender. But these are the times we live in.

Article written by John Sargeant on Homo economicus’ Weblog

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