The Tide

Phil Robertson, eat your heart out, as a pan sexual shows meaning of compassion.

A lotus flower for you J.M.M. Lewis, as we ride the tide of consciousness raising awareness.

To Fascinate:

This week, I was going through a really bad bought of suicidal thoughts. Extreme sleep deprivation and physical pain pushed my emotional limit, and waking up every morning was becoming progressively more and more difficult. And then, someone challenged me in my beliefs and freedom of expression. And I feel very reminded of why I want to be here.

I don’t want to be here so that I can fight with people. I don’t want to prove anyone wrong, or have my own beliefs justified. I am not interested in the condemnation of a single soul on this planet. What I am interested in, what I have believed in since I was a little girl, is loving people. Showing people what love means. Being kind, and compassionate, and loving, despite your disagreements.

If anyone around deserves to be insulted by Phil Robertson’s remarks, I do. By insinuating that my…

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