Pope Francis Is Not The Person of The Year


It seems you can get away with saying homosexuals should not be judged for being gay, while stating secular governments that try to allow gay couples to adopt are allowing child abuse, and in league with the devil. That (only) having gay sex is wrong, while actively campaigning to prevent equal marriage being law. That life is sacred, while preventing the widespread availability of contraceptives means people end up dying of sexually transmitted diseases. Denying abortions in life threatening situations to women – let alone the audacity that the church should tell women to listen when it will not even empower women to speak with authority in the clergy. Check your privilege, that you dare to lecture on family values with the thousands of children abused under your auspices.

A picture paints a thousand words. So photos of Pope Francis kissing disfigured people, kissing prisoner’s feet, make him a harder target. Leaks that he goes out at night to help the homeless anonymously, make him so much softer compared to his predecessor. Even some of my fellow atheists, wooed that he says we can do good and should join with the faithful to find world peace, are in awe of a man that Time called Person of the Year 2013.

Pope Francis is hailed as a reformer – but disfellowships a priest who was pro women being ordained in the church and gay marriage should dispel this notion. Atheists may be able to do good, as if we took seriously those who say we cannot, but without that sprinkle of water and accepting of the church we are still dammed. No good shall save us for rejecting the Vatican.

Pope Francis has made himself, rather than the Vatican and the Catholic Church, the story. We do not have to question his sincerity, the source of his influence in the media age, which makes him not just the ultimate public relations man and salesman, but the right man at the right time for the papacy. He inspires, he says the right words, and it is lapped up by people who would look up to other mammals for motivation to be good, rather than think for themselves that maybe what is actually being promoted by the Vatican is killing and harming millions.

Regarding asking atheists to join in the pursuit of peace with the religious – as if we were all too busy watching Christopher Hitchens on youtube to play a part – an answer comes from fifth grader Zachary Golob-Drake:

The world’s major religions all have messages about coexisting. But oftentimes people have found a way to bend that rule; sometimes people even use religion as an excuse to take each other’s lives. The three major religions on the earth include the Eastern religions, Islam, and Christianity. About one billion people live by the Eastern religions; about 1.4 billion are Muslim; and about 2.3 billion are Christians. Religious differences have always sparked conflict, even leading to warfare and mass murder. [Source]

Zachary was very nearly denied the prize his speech was awarded because it was contentious to suggest that religion fails to live up to the rhetoric of peace, but seems more concerned with telling people how to live – and to hell with the suffering that ensues.

Hence the meme I created in response to the Pope’s invitation to join him in finding peace:


The issues are too serious, and the suffering too widespread, to bury the hatchet because someone says nice things, posing piously while it is business as usual as people die because of the doctrines of the Vatican. For the sake of humanity, leave the world free from your doctrines to reach the best medical decisions, women to make their own choices and the voice to speak out, and for consenting adults to be able to practise safer sex.

Then I assure you, the world will be more peaceful.

Article written by John Sargeant on Homo economicus’ Weblog

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15 responses to “Pope Francis Is Not The Person of The Year

  1. Gays don’t have sex.

    Sexual reproduction evolved in nature to take place between male and female.

    Likewise, gays don’t marry because marriage can only take place between a male and female.

    So whatever gays do to each other’s genitalia, anal and oral orifices, it isn’t sex.

    And gays living together to do what isn’t sex, isn’t marriage either.

    So this time Pope Francis is making sense.

  2. Wpw

    Perhaps worth noting that political creeds have accounted for a good deal more mass murdering than any religion.

  3. Jennifer

    As far as I’m aware, contraception is available to all and women can have abortions if they choose to. The fact that the Church teaches against it does not make these things less available. As for the abuse of minors, I have only ever heard popes speaking out against this, which according to you, makes it unavailable.

    • Then it us time to make you more aware http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/map_of_the_week/2013/05/abortion_and_birth_control_a_global_map.html and remember the previous Pope when a Cardinal in Germany had clerics accused of abuse moved around rather than report to the police.

      That Benedict hides out in a monastery without an extradition treaty so there is no chance to pursure grigeances if child abuse victims is one to ponder on given your statement.

    • You could listen to Sue Cox of Survivors Voice about child abuse by the catholic church http://survivorsvoice-europe.org/?page_id=2

      • Jennifer

        Yes but in those countries, that is state law, not Church law. The only country governed entirely by the Church is the Vatican City.

      • Where the church politically campaigns for such laws, and against any change. Not unique to cstholic church. Buddhist nationalists in Sri Lanka are making availability of contraception harder too.

      • Jennifer

        I think you’ll find that gay “marriage” and abortion are both contrary to the beliefs of many religions. Islam is also a big one. Catholics campaign, Muslims campaign, and also liberals campaign. There’s nothing wrong with campaigning. You might not have a problem with it if the liberals had won. The pope, and other religious leaders try to put forward what is best for society, whereas many people today want to promote what is convenient for themselves.

      • I never said religiouus beliefs cannot be aired – but they are not always with maximising welfare. Do read Hitchen’s “Missionary Position” for a shocking example where that was not the case.

      • Jennifer

        Yes but neither are liberalist views always with maximising welfare. The main difference is that which I just stated. In general (and I’m speaking very generally) liberalists want what is most convenient for themselves at that point in time. (I want to have sex with whoever I want whenever I want and then I want an abortion if the contraception doesn’t work properly, or otherwise The child can just grow up without a solid family – VERY generally, I know that applies to a minority of people). But this is a selfish attitude, whereas the Church tries to keep traditional family life, which we know works well, and has done for years. I’m not saying gay people don’t have the right to have children. Actually I’m saying that nobody does. It’s a responsibility, not a right, to make sure they get the best upbringing possible.

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