Aitezaz Hussain – The Boy Who Died Saving His School From Terrorists


Late for school assembly, many punishments are used to instil discipline into young impressionable minds to build character. When Aitezaz Hussain went to stand outside the school gate because of  his unpunctuality, little did his teachers know this act would prove to the world he had the right stuff. Character to save the lives of the children and teachers behind the school gate – at the price of never being able to go through them again himself.

Remember Aitezaz Hussain, who prevented a Lashkar e Jhangvi (LeJ) terrorist wearing a suicide vest detonating inside his school in Northern Pakistan. This is the reality in Pakistan where LeJ have been behind a violent anti-Shia and militant Islamist campaign of killing from assassination to burning down churches:

[LeJ] takes its name from the late Sunni Cleric Haq Nawaz Jhangvi, who spearheaded the anti-Shia campaign which began in the country 30 years ago as a counter-movement to the Iranian Islamic revolution.

Calling themselves “Jhangvi” loyalists, the Lej – or Army of Jhangvi – began allying itself with the Taliban movement which was just taking over in Afghanistan. Both the Taliban and the LeJ belong to the same orthodox,
puritanical Deobandi tradition of Islam associated with the Islamic revivalist movement in the region. [Source BBC]

Sunni killing Shia, militant promotion of one Islamist ideology over others. Despite calls for dialogue some militants like LeJ continue their bloody campaign, while other groups demand their puritanical conditions are met as the price for spilling no more blood. Maybe some will shout conspiracy that one report has him going to school while a later one has him outside the gate for being late and contradictory reports that the suicide bomber was a boy, another a man. These things in the wake of such an atrocious act can be muddled by well meaning eye witnesses and initial reports. Worse still, is the twisting that such violence is a result of western imperialism and not sick twisted militant Islamists that see school children as viable targets in a terror campaign of hatred.

As Pakistani writer Binah Shah mentions:

There’s really nothing more to say about this, except that Pakistan produces the bravest children in the world. Malala and Aitzaz and hundreds more like them, who face bombs and bullets just because they want to go to school. When will we wake up from our coma, and find the courage to protect them?

I’m so tired of our children dying for our cowardice. I think this brave boy deserves the Nishan-e-Imtiaz, the highest civilian award a Pakistani can receive. Will our leaders be brave enough at least to give it to him, if they can’t be brave enough to fight his killers instead? [Binah Shah]

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