Historical Representations of The Prophet Mohammed

“A man asked about the touching of the Black Stone.Ibn ‘Umar said,”I saw Allah’s Apostle touching and kissing it.”


“Muhammad visiting the inhabitants of Hell on the back of his winged horse, Buraq”


“Painting from 1808 from Kashmir depicting Muhammad and his followers entering the Kaaba and destroying the idols”


“Muhammad before the battle of Badr – Persian miniature”


“A depiction of the ‘miracle’ of Muhammad splitting the moon in half”


“Muhammed receiving the submission of the Banu Nadir, a Jewish tribe he defeated at Medina.”


But this is the offensive one in the current day:


Have your sensibility – but do not expect to be taken seriously that this should be outlawed. Which presumably is why careers and life are threatened by some, who would rather be part of a rancid protest mob than one whose God and Prophet are above such pettiness. Where freedom of speech allows a cartoon saying hi just as historical record depicts the Prophet’s exploits.

The threat to Maajid Nawaz life:


And Mohammed Shafiq complaining to a political party for Maajid is a Parliamentary candidate for the Liberal Democrats. Not the first time Shaifq has complained.


Peace be upon you all. And common sense.

Descriptions above with historic images posted on twitter by Council for Ex Muslims of Britain (please support).

Article written by John Sargeant on Homo economicus’ Weblog

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10 responses to “Historical Representations of The Prophet Mohammed

  1. It was a very sad display of the two Mo’s showing the moderates are not so moderate.Also showed they believe in blasphemy laws.Very sad to see their incitement which led to Maajid being abused and threatened.The two Mo’s are not the morality police and need to realise that.

  2. Musab

    errr…. i think it must be noted that the cartoon maajid is promoting called ‘jesus and mo’ is very offensive to Muslims because it shows their prophet drinking alcohol at a bar with jesus while discussing and cursing and other foul language. Another cartoon from the same series shows them in bed together “experimenting” with hohomosexuality!! how can you or nawaz claim its not offensive?! the other depictions you show are indeed inoffensive, but maajid hyper-linked to a particular cartoon series he knows is offensive and did it deliberately to offend as a political stunt which many genuine liberals have fallen for. remember he is not a liberal, remember his hit list?!

    • We are talking about the t-shirt as shown above – death threats and bullying because a Muslim considers another muslim’s behaviour showing that t-shirt as un-islamic are more reprehensible.

      At least I would hope we would think that rather than offended sensibilities excuse such a reaction.

      As to political calculation, Maajid was trying to show a Muslim can brush off a satirical cartoon as easily as Christians can; faith is stronger than illustrated cartoons.

      Twitter and blogosphere showing that is not the case as threats are made and justified by offense.

      I would laugh if I was not so angry at the twisted logic employed that endangers others while blaming them.

      • Musab

        Like I said the images or T-Shirt in this article are not offensive. However, we are talking about Maajid’s actions; he did not post a T-Shirt image, he hyper-linked to the series and promoted the Jesus and mo cartoon series by name. The image he posted was from the official twitter account and website of the series which *is clearly* offensive to a whole community. I’m not condoning the death threats, the point I’m trying to deal with is that the threat didn’t result from any of the innocuous images or T-Shirt image you posted, but Maajid’s deliberate linking and promotion of a very offensive cartoon series. And yes, stupid people fell for his stunt. I can piously condemn stupid joe public religious fanatics here as much as you like, but the real issue for me is parliamentary candidate Maajid’s deliberate courting of controversy by promoting the series then and hiding behind what he calls an innocuous image which is clearly not the truth, of what he did. Cold and calculated, as much as the Islamists’ postings of images of Ann Frank in bed with Hitler.

  3. I suppose could mention the bed scenes are a homage to Morecambe and Wise;

    The bench and the bar likewise a homage to the two Ronnies.

    And this ties in with religious satire.

    Thing is will anyone listen due to the outrage?

    Probably not … but yes best to condemn fanatics than to legitimise their threats.

  4. Threats are condemnable, no space for killing people in the name of blasphemy in Islam. As for the cartoon, it is distasteful. This cartoon is made just to tease and harm feelings of Muslims, which they did. Freedom of speech again exploited.

    • Satirical commentary are exactly what free speech is for, whether it gets under the skin or is too close to the bone is irrelevant. That it strikes a nerve the question becomes is it universally scandalous or extremely distasteful for some while making a valid point. In this case about religion in a sketch.

      Offence misses the message – which is to talk.

      I am waiting for a response that shows not hatred and contempt for Maajid, but genuine love and affection for the prophet that excludes using his image to satirise issues regarding religion because people see how his message and life make people feel. Threats and chastisements do not work.

      Blasphemy prevents a discussion of religion, and Maajid was trying to open that debate by stating the t shirt did not offend him. The consequences of his posting the T-shirt that have been enlightening.

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