Video: Sarah Silverman, Jesus, and Abortion


It is good to focus on Jesus being used in religious satire rather than Mohammed (see previous posts), and I can vouch for the good behaviour of the Jesus in the video. He gave me my camera which I had left on a bench in DC – admittedly at first did not recognise him. But we know that can happen with even close acquaintances of his.

Not quite up there with him visiting as I raid the fridge, as happens to Sarah Silverman in the video below. A discussion on when life begins, and current legislation which is being pushed through in States of America which are reducing health care options for women. For example in Texas from over 40 clinics to a handful.

When it comes to a woman’s choice to be pregnant or not, that is a matter between herself and a medical professional – the state should not be looking to guilt trip or reduce the opportunities to seek this clinical need.

The only thing known to really reduce unplanned pregnancies effectively is proper contraceptive use. I do like the point on the awareness of sperm as potential life, which needs protecting before jerking off.

The punch line did make me winch though.


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