Audio: Mo Ansar On T-Shirts and Maajid Nawaz

[Edit: original youtube clip no longer exists after posting. Please follow iPlayer link here where interview starts 1.38.43]

My article giving background to the Jesus and Mo t-shirt is now on The Huffington Post though if you want the t-shirts you can read the artwork version of the same article here.

In the above conversation Mo Ansar is described as being so slippery David Aaronovitch cannot get hold of him in a debate. Mo states “Who said I have a problem with the cartoon?” on the Jesus and Mo t-shirt. Well here are some tweets which show that yes, Mo is using the offence the t-shirt is causing to encourage action against Nawaz – while saying he makes no personal judgment on the t-shirt. He claims more than just a t-shirt being tweeted is at stake, yet that is the reason people from all over the world are coming to sign the petition to have Nawaz de-selected in the UK.

But Mo Ansar claims not to support de-selecting while advocating signing a petition that calls for that; and we are supposed to keep a straight face while Mo asks Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg to act on Nawaz while mentioning the very same petition.








Sometimes I do wish Mo
Ansar would listen to his own advice. 20140127-134329.jpg

In a discussion about blasphemy

Mo Ansar stated it was about offending other people, and manners mean we should avoid. Free speech though does not work like that. And again if you follow link Mo refused to be pinned down in discussion where he stood on blasphemy.

David, Mo really is one slippery customer.


Article written by John Sargeant on Homo economicus’
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6 responses to “Audio: Mo Ansar On T-Shirts and Maajid Nawaz

  1. Erhm, the video isn’t working. And yes, Mo is a weasel.

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