Mo Ansar Vulgar Insult At Tom Holland


In my previous post mentioned that Mohammed Ansar was accused of being a slippery customer. I did not dwell on his refusal to describe the Jesus and Mo T-Shirt, as he flailed about avoiding describing to radio listeners what the t-shirt was and what was offensive about it.

I thought it rather like throwing a punch at someone already falling after trying to ad hom Nicky Campbell and trying to say it is not about the t-shirt depicting The Prophet galvanising signatures against Nawaz.

That was until Mo Ansar tweeted back to historian Tom Holland, who had commented on missing the failing while it happened as abroad and how former rugby player Brian Moore locked horns with Mo Ansar in his absence.

Mo Ansar’s retort to Tom was how would your wife feel about you asking for a blow job? Then Mo called him a twat. [Link]




Now is this the same Mo Ansar who tells us:


Being sexually crude about someone’s wife and then calling the husband a twat. The mask slips, Mo reveals himself in all his glory with sex jibes and vulgar sexual language.

Article written by John Sargeant on Homo economicus’ Weblog

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7 responses to “Mo Ansar Vulgar Insult At Tom Holland

  1. Mark

    And he’s called David Arranovitch “Piss poor” now.
    The F-word must soon be coming.

  2. To be fair, Mo has taken kind of a beating in the last little while. He did kind of bring it on himself. But, it’s fair to say that all of the tweets flying around these days have often waded into pretty uncivil territory.

    • I am being fair. When the beating Nawaz had on twitter, which made him swear with hidden characters, is part of the petition Mo Ansar supports against him, we may judge him by the standard he sets for others.

      You and I would understand heat of the moment exchanges. Though language used at these times reveals character.

      Or lack of it.

      • Fair enough. I meant “To be fair” in a….what are those things called? Idioms? Or, whatever. Anyway, well, Mo is a person. He’s….Mo. I guess because I’ve stooped low at times in the conversation (though I hope not too bad), on some things I want to give Mo a bit of a break on, personally…:) But, at the same time, ya, you’ve made a good point too…:)

  3. This guy really is a grade-A ballbag 🙂

  4. He’s a gift to the media. People are not as basically stupid as he would like to think they are. He is a self-appointed spokesperson with a dangerous lack of significance to certify his confused ego. Until clowns like him differentiate, in solid terms, what it is that they believe, people will always think the worse by default.

    There is no “single” cohesive standpoint that represents the views of all Muslims. This clown wants everyone to think that he has the voice of Islam, but in reality he is disliked by many. For many Muslims, it’s impossible to feel outraged by a stupid cartoon. If he wants to support his religion and help other Muslims to get on with quiet and peaceful lives, he needs to leave the circus and go home.

    If you ask me, I would say that there has been a very deliberate attempt to swamp the West with a mud-hut mentality of Islam. I would say it has been largely successful as well. It’s mostly sunni Muslims who seem to be terrified of their own shadow, and have no stomach to speak out against the moronic elements that have hijacked their religion. It’s their call basically; get real or suffer the consequences.

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