Nick Clegg Not Dropping Maajid Nawaz As A Candidate


Mr Clegg told LBC 97.3 radio that he would not personally have tweeted the controversial cartoon – which shows a stick figure of Jesus saying “Hi” to a stick figure called Mo, who replies “How you doin’?” – and said it was important to show “respect” to people of all faiths and none when discussing religious matters.

But the Lib Dem leader said: “He is not going to be dropped as a Liberal Democrat candidate. He has the right – as any Muslim, non-Muslim or anyone of any faith or none in this country has – to say things even if that causes offence to other people.

“It so happens that what he did does cause real offence to many, many Muslims in this country. All I would say is that we have to make sure that that debate, sensitive though it is, is conducted in a respectful way in moderate terms.

“I would not have tweeted that thing, clearly. I will defend anyone’s right to deploy the freedom of expression in this country. I’m not going to start censoring people in a free society.” [The Independent]

Checkmate Mo Shafiq? I might make a remark about pigeons playing chess, but I suspect this is more likely the response given he withdrew his name from the joint statement he had issued with Maajid Nawaz …


For though on twitter Mo Shafiq has been quiet about Cleggs comments he said this yesterday:


In short, prepare for a shit storm.

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One response to “Nick Clegg Not Dropping Maajid Nawaz As A Candidate

  1. You illustrate this with a picture of a Jewish guy covered in bird poo?! So offensive! High Anxiety, indeed.

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