Autism Awareness Month


Please follow link to my Huffington Post Lifestyle article on my brother and being a family caregiver and share as part of raising awareness about autism. Thanks.

The film “Rain Man” was a bane during my childhood. On one side it raised awareness of autism during a time when no one had a second thought to ask you to leave a restaurant if they felt the behaviour was not well mannered – by this we mean keeping still. The huge minus was the assumption that my brother being autistic had a gift of some kind beyond us mere mortals. Everyone is an individual with autism being a spectrum.

I had to explain that there was a huge range of abilities for people with autism, and my brother mentally was on the severe end of that scale though able bodied. He could not speak, much less add up numbers. He could remember faces but not names let alone read a telephone directory. He would never be able to make a phone call or take a message. He would not be able to cross a road safely – ever. He had learning difficulties and this was for life – his safety, well being and happiness would always be dependent on others.

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Article written by John Sargeant on Homo economicus’ Weblog

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  1. It’s good that we recognize there are people on all parts of the spectrum. My friend Tyler is on the high end of the spectrum. He’s a fun-loving 8-year old boy who has an incredible gift. He loves windchimes and can identify the different Woodstock Chimes without seeing them – just based on their sound! We pitted him against Garry Kvistad, a Grammy award-winning musician and founder/owner of Woodstock Chimes in a Name-That-Chime Challenge. See how it turned out here #tylersstory #chimesforautism

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