“Luton on Sunday” Encourages Islamic Sectarianism

This was the advertisement that the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community placed in the Luton on Sunday regional newspaper – which you can read in full here.


The advert does go on to quote Prime Minister David Cameron on Ahmadiyya Muslims. Worth mentioning his message marking their celebration and praising their contribution in the UK:


Regrettably the sectarianism that would rather divide people than embrace the humanity of all reared it’s head in this letter to the newspaper.


The persecution Ahmadiyya Muslims face (see this reblog of a personal account here) is very real. Yet the paper met with “representatives of the Muslim community” after this letter and apologised for the offence of running an advert for “Ahmadiyya [Muslims]”. The paper neglected to call them Muslims – so as to cause no further offence no doubt.


So a regional paper plays to prejudice against the free expression of a minority. To ignore the contribution to the community Ahmadiyya Muslims have made because of other Islamic community leaders views on heresy. So nice of the paper to hold a meeting to make a British fatwa for us all that Ahmadiyya Muslims are offensive. The Britain I live in cherishes free expression, religious freedom and pluralism. No local rag is going to ignore these values.

The Luton On Sunday has decided on damage limitation without counting the real cost. Please show them there is real value not only in these principles, but the actions of Ahmadiyya Muslims in the UK.

Article written by John Sargeant on Homo economicus’ Weblog

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7 responses to ““Luton on Sunday” Encourages Islamic Sectarianism

  1. An interesting article. The Newspaper has unwittingly stumbled into the nest of vipers called religious identity politics. Go back a few centuries and the Catholics claimed to be the one true Church and all others were heretics. Hard line Protestants usually returned the favour by calling Catholics ‘idolators’. Trinitarian Christians often object strongly to Unitarians designating themselves as Christians and groups such as Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses will describe themselves as Christians but be designated as ‘cults’ by the born again brigade.

    The paper should have resisted the temptation to dance to the tune played for them and whilst apologising that the group felt offended should have smiled sweetly and told them that the policy on religion was to accept the groups own self description. If they call themselves Muslim then that is how the paper will describe them since presumably only God knows who is and who isn’t the real thing. What I wonder will happen when a Shia group are featured in the paper, presumably they too will be denied the use of the word? After that no doubt those who fail to dress in the form the group require will also be outed and so on ad infinitum.

    I once pointed out to a Muslim who was insisting that only his type of Muslim was ‘the real thing’ that we carry out a sort of cancelling out exercise whereby anyone who was said by someone not to be a Muslim was thereby disqualified from being one. End result, no Muslims at all. Ditto Christians if the same method is used. He was not impressed but he got the point.

    • In the case of all Prophets of God, in fact, they are unjustly called heretics by society due to their “radical” beliefs of love and compassion for God and for His creation.

      So what’s new?

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    • I include in screen shots the issue of Luton On Sunday not having initially made clear it was an advertisement (letter written in and newspaper’s statement) – which the paper conceded was their mistake.

      However the response blog post linked above to my article neglects the paper declaring that Ahmadi Muslims are offensive to the Islamic community.

      Such prejudice, even by a local paper, needs to be exposed as encouraging religious sectarianism against a minority. You do not need to be a secularist blogger to see this as an issue.

      All groups, even religious ones, have the right to take up advertising space. Luton On Sunday failed to follow code to make sure it was labelled advertisement.

      To give an example, even though I am an apostate of the Jehovah’s Witnesses I would defend their right to minister door to door, and (adults) to refuse a blood transfusion.

      I can still be critical of the theology, and decline to listen to them. Just as easily as I can skip a two page newspaper advertisement without too much difficulty.

      My being anti-Islam or anti-Muslim is incorrect and ridiculous. As an anti-theist I reject all religions as ever having been divinely revealed or articulated to anybody, much less as having any hold over me as a non believer via custom or law.

      We all must follow our conscience, develop our reason, and empathise with others. We must choose our own path, striving to be as humane as we can.

      Humanism works for me, Islam works for Muslims. And the humanitarian contribution of Ahmadi Muslims is a credit to humanity as articulated well by the Prime Minister.

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