Christian Right Try To Intimidate Vicky Beeching On Equal Marriage


Vicky Beeching is a theologian, writer, broadcaster and hosts “Faith in Feminism” which I have reblogged and commented on several times while blogging.

I only just recently found out in a post by her that she is also a singer. Not the best of ways of finding out though. Her support of equal marriage has upset the US Christian Right:

I say all of that to give context to why I have been so afraid to stand up for equal marriage; I knew not only my conservative friends and relatives in the UK would be unhappy, but also the large base of people in the States who have followed my work for the past decade. Many of them are dear friends and colleagues.

So speaking up about this has not been without great thought and personal cost. My bills are paid in part by royalties from my songwriting career. As a result of raising my voice to support equal marriage, I’ve received lots of messages from conservative American churches saying they will “boycott my songs”. If they don’t get sung in the mega-churches of North America, my royalties basically stop.

So the cost of me speaking up about equal marriage is, essentially, my salary. Hopefully that emphasises that I am not just ‘appealing to culture’ or ‘trying to be popular’ as many conservative Christians are concluding.

This is not just about trying to punish Vicky for being “the wrong kind of Christian.” It is an attempt to warn others that, if you do not toe the line as we see it, we will organize a boycott to financially ruin you. So keep it to yourself.

A small gesture on my part is to suggest buying a song from iTunes. One I like is “Precious” the seventh track from her album here.

Precious are the moments
When I know that You are very near
Precious are these moments
As You meet me here
As You meet me here


Here with You
Here with You
Your loving arms are holding me
Safe with You
Safe with You
There’s nowhere else I’d rather be

Treasured are the moments
When I know that You are very near
Treasured are these moments
As You meet me here
As You meet me here

One of those songs that universally applies to love. Even the one that others hope dare not speak it’s name.

Article written by John Sargeant on Homo economicus’ Weblog

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10 responses to “Christian Right Try To Intimidate Vicky Beeching On Equal Marriage

  1. Teej42

    Being a Christian songwriter means you believe in the tenants of the Christian faith. To decide that you can no longer support certain areas of the Christian doctrine and yet you still think Christian’s should sing your songs, is delusional. It’s too late to worry about those she will lose and no one should try to shame them into continuing their use of her songs. She should just write songs that she can believe in and then market to those that support that belief. This nasty trend of trying to vilify people for their beliefs you once held, but no longer believe in, is bad policy as well as just plain wrong. If she is good at what she does, there will be a market for her songs.

    • Actually it’s other Christians trying to shame other Christians into not buying/using her music.

      Notice you are vilifying her for believing equal marriage being legal is fine and does not challenge her beliefs.

    • I’m assuming you don’t eat shellfish, have tattoos, cut your hair, lend or borrow money, or wear clothing of mixed fibres? Because doing any one of those things violates the tenets (Note: Not “tenants”) of the Christian faith. My point here being: You don’t get to define what is or is not a Christian. There are several thousand official versions of Christianity, and in reality probably as many more as there are individual people claiming the label.

      • Christopher Shell

        Correct – it is ‘tenets’ not ‘tenants’. You really are talking nonsense about the list of things like shellfish – all of these are Old Testament laws!

        The whole of Paul (see too Acts 10,15) is about how Jesus has changed matters vis-a-vis the Old Testament.

        Christians are living by the New Testament (e.g. Romans 1, 1 Cor.6) not the Old. The New treats homosexual behaviour as one of the most serious sins.

        (Also, you’re implying that no-one ever cut their hair in the Old Testament world – very odd!!)

        As for several thousand versions of Christianity – how about forgetting about opinions and denominations and going to the original documents, which have better manuscript evidence by far than any other ancient writing?

      • Well it depends whose interpretation of the bible, and Christian theology, you want to go to.

        Myself, I would rather not rely on Paul’s letters. Bit full of himself. Like a fifth member of the Beatles claiming they were the real thing and most important, though not around with John, Paul, George and Ringo orginally.

        Mind you – if James had survived fall of Jerusalem do wonder what version of Christianity we would have today. Suspect closer to the Old Testament.

  2. So basically she pretended to have Christian beliefs to get paid. She should have just gone into secular music like Katy Perry. One person who I will always admire is Ellen Degenres her coming out story ,the backlash she received ,and now she has bounced back better than ever!! Now that’s a hero. She never vilified people or tried to force people to change their beliefs I watched Ellen on Oprah when a conservative couple informed her why they didn’t approve of her lifestyle. Ellen was very classy in her response she never pretended to be a worship leader or put herself in the Bible belt to make a few bucks. She has now one of the top tv shows in the US i know hard core anti gay Christians who adore Ellen and have softened their stance on same sex marriage. I personally don’t buy Vicky’s story. Just happy she finally told her truth. So the deception ends.
    Lets also take a moment to remember gay people in many countries where the penalty is death. The christian church in the west may be annoying but at least no one’s threatend anyone with death. Finally there are alot of gay friendly churches

    • It is a charge – that had she been open she would not have had her successful gospel singing career. On the other hand, nobody’s business what anyone’s sexuality is. With regard to equal marriage, did feel like a bullying campaign to punish Vicky’s stance.

      I think the real heroes are those that are honest, and suffer the discrimination that prevents the ready made success they would otherwise have had; pushing against the grain to make it easier for others one day to be who they really are.

  3. Christopher Shell

    John – if James had survived the fall of Jerusalem (a) he would have been a very old man by the standards of the day & perhaps not capable of much, (b) he wouldn’t have taught any different from what he already did teach in the letter of James. So what would be the significance of his surviving it? Things would be just the same as now.

    If you’re implying that all interpretations have equal amounts of evidence in their favour, well – anyone can see that is nonsense. No-one denies that Acts 10,15 slash the number of Old Testament laws that are to be taken as applying to Gentiles. No-one denies that the New Testament and Old Testament are different dispensations.

    So the original Beatles (ie the 12 apostles) were more gay-friendly? Rubbish – it was Paul (being the apostle to the Gentiles) who loosened the constriction of keeping the whole OT law. The 12 -and James the Lord’s brother (whom you mention) were stricter not more liberal in this matter. You are 180 degrees wrong.

    • Are you deliberately misreading me to make your point?

      I said of James’ version of Christianity “closer to the Old Testament.” So no he would not have been gay friendly – let alone liberal! What Paul advocates is breaking away from the Law as laid down to the Jews. As such, some today suggest breaking away from the culture of the Apostles and Paul’s time. Just as Christianity did on slavery, also regards homosexuality goes the argument.

      As to interpretations being equal, I never said that: “depends whose interpretation of the bible, and Christian theology, you want to go to.” Point is people will go where they may, and indeed do.

      Thankfully I am not tied to what people may have thought two thousand years ago, nor fill obliged to live up to their standards. However, trying to be historically accurate to what people did believe is important; even if it weakens the argument of some progressives I would support.

  4. Christopher Shell

    Yes, I misread what you originally said about James – sorry.

    ‘Progressive’ is an ideology. Therefore no proper scholar can hold to it, just as no scholar can be ‘conservative’ or hold any other ideology.

    Not only is it an ideology, it is a nonsense ideology. It boils down to ‘new is good’ which is equally crazy to ‘old is good’. There are many ways of judging what is good, but chronology is obviously not one of them.

    The earliest Christians were not yet in a position to revolt against slavery. It was embedded in their society. The more economically advanced a society is, the easier it will be to conduct such a revolution. For them, then, it was not easy. Wilberforce was Christian through and through which by his own admission gave him his power. See Rev 18 on opposition to human trafficking, Philemon on seeing slaves as equal brothers.

    People will go where they may? If they just seek out congenial ‘conclusions’ they are dishonest, and therefore their views will rightly be judged as being of less value than the views of those who seek out evidence-based conclusions regardless of whether they are congenial.

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