Mo Ansar Is Not A Lawyer – As He Tweeted He Was

One tweet that should end speculation that Mo Ansar is a fantasist for those still trying to deny it.


“As a lawyer” is quite a statement. It is not just misleading. It is untrue.

Glad the spotlight Mo Ansar craves has turned into a desk lamp to scrutinise. As a blogger I was ignored asking questions, blocked on twitter and articles dismissed while accused of trolling and harassment when others shared with Mo. Professional legal journalists like David Allen Green are harder to swat, though Mo tried initially as is his want.


What else has Mo claimed to be which he is not?

Article written by John Sargeant on Homo economicus’ Weblog

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10 responses to “Mo Ansar Is Not A Lawyer – As He Tweeted He Was

  1. FWIW, I am satisfied that Ansar has repeatedly made public claims that he is “a lawyer”. I am also satisfied that these claims are false (which he admits in the tweet above).

    A number of the claims to be “a lawyer” (8 or so) were at
    Last night all but a couple were suddenly deleted. There were also a number of claims at about being a “legal advocate”. Many of these have also now been deleted.

    For completeness, I believe he has not (as he has claimed) appeared at the Court of Appeal four (or more) times (but only once, in 2006, as a litigant-in-person). I also believe he is unlikely to have been a regular legal advocate at the Royal Courts of Justice (as he has claimed).

    From looking at his tweets on legal matters, I would also say it is my opinion that he has no expertise in the law of England and Wales. The comment he has attributed to Leveson about judicial bias is absurd: no judge would make such a misstatement of the law in open court.

    I make no comment about his other claims. Those is for others to explore.

    That is all I can really say, and there is nothing I can really add……

  2. *those are, not those is. (I may know a little about the law but I often cannot type!)

  3. Chris Hearn

    Section 14 of this summary of his court case against Lloyd’s Bank, in my opinion is the best observation and analysis of Mo’s attitudes and mental state. This was noticed years ago before Mo became the complex character that he has become. It still rings true. They noticed then what we are all seeing now. He just repeats the same behaviour, and seems to think people are too stupid to see through it.

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