Video: Analysis of How the Media Cover Mass Murder


Charlie Brooker covers media reaction to a mass killing in Germany:

Intrigued by what Dr Park Dietz was saying above, about how the media reports these events, I found this video clip:

Politically it seems in the US effective gun control is difficult enough. But we need to also consider what causes the trigger to be pulled. That needs the kind of work that Dr Park Dietz has been doing.

The last thing we want to do is perpetuate the idea that this is the way to get infamy and have an impact. If you read his work, this goes deeper than media coverage. It is also about having the right mechanisms for example in the work place so grievances and resentment do not build up, and tackling potential and actual violence in a productive way.

Whether we look at the latest shootings in California by a man obsessed that women prevented him losing his virginity by 22 or in Brussels the shooting at the Jewish Museum, we need to look at the mindset, what encourages it, and what if anything we can do.

If we do not learn lessons, and have the courage to act, then we are destined to continue the cycle.

Hat tip to @bensixesq for sharing the first video on twitter.

Article written by John Sargeant on Homo economicus’ Weblog

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6 responses to “Video: Analysis of How the Media Cover Mass Murder

  1. Apologises to email subscribers as did not see had copied same video clip; have rectified in post above.

  2. F. Aetius

    Isn’t there a danger here of blaming the media for what is ultimately an individual dysfunction? Rather than telling the media how to report what is, ultimately, news, the simplest way to prevent these sorts of acts is to deny access to weapons that enable these people to go on killing sprees. Ban guns; it’s not difficult.

    • Well if you watch second video explains why difficult in USA. Hence him stressing role of media in responsible reporting – which goes beyond just mentioning copy cats if you watch.

      • F. Aetius

        I’ve seen both videos, and while reigning in the media may help, it is not the root of the problem – which are, in the case of the US, violence, an obsession with guns, and in this recent case in particular, misogyny.

      • Agree 100% – but it’s probably the easiest first step to address is the point being made.

      • F. Aetius

        Well, that’s true. But the easiest solution is rarely the most important one to address.

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