Twitter Theocracy and My First TV Appearance Tonight On Extremism In Schools


On June 10th, tweet hashtag #TwitterTheocracy and speak up about how Twitter has chosen to side with theocratic regimes instead of those who are trying to resist those regimes.

There was a time when Twitter was rightly lauded for the role it played during the Arab Spring, facilitating communication between those resisting oppressive governments. In fact, Egypt’s dictators tried to disable Twitter, and then internet access completely, before being overwhelmed by the protests that began at Tahrir Square. Governments in Tunisia and Iran tried similar tactics to suppress protests against those oppressive regimes.

Lately, Twitter seems to have moved away from its ethical, pro-human-rights stance, and caved to the demands of oppressive governments. By using its ‘Country Withheld Tool’ to enable government authorities to censor content, Twitter is aiding the enforcement of laws that violate both the UN declaration as well as the secular values of the separation of church/mosque and state. [EXMNA]

Petition to sign here.

You can read the twitter hashtag #twittertheocracy here.


“Trojan Horse Plot”

At 10PM (London Time) tonight I will make a brief appearance on the Islam Channel. Talking about the schools in Birmingham that have been put into special measures due to concerns about governorship failure on safeguarding students and not fulfilling statutory requirements, Islamic extremism, and a restricted curriculum that did not prepare students in a diverse pluralist society. I stress comparative religious studies in a secular education system for everyone.

Watch on the front page of the website here. Will post youtube clip when it appears in next few days.

Article written by John Sargeant on Homo economicus’ Weblog

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