Update on Frances Barber and Mo Ansar

Some more background (see previous post) on the allegation by the Dr Who actress that Mo Ansar bullied her by impersonating herself on twitter. With help by Jeremy Duns, whose own sonic screwdriver unlocks social media to the outside world, this might not be the case.

Here you can see the actress Frances Barber exchange with Mo Ansar on stoning:


Mo Ansar links to this tweet of his:


You can read about my concerns about Ibrahim Hewitt here and why I hope his book is not in the school library – a private school he owns and runs.

It is an example of Mo defending people who need challenging for their extreme views of society and Islam. Regrettably that might get lost in this twitter storm that may have been caused by mistaken identity.


It now looks like the account Frances Barber referred to above may belong to an actual EDL supporter with the same name who has debated Mo Ansar. Not an impersonator.


Here Jeremy Duns points out:


This is getting more convoluted than a Dr Who plot for the uninitiated. Thankfully we have Jeremy Duns flying a Tardis to navigate tweets.

Await to see what Frances Barber has to say, in the ongoing saga of Mo Ansar.

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8 responses to “Update on Frances Barber and Mo Ansar

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  2. Sarah AB

    I think it seems pretty clear that Frances Barber was (sincerely) mistaken.

  3. Yes, but I can easily see why she made the mistake and was concerned. It would only have been marginally less elaborate than what he did with the @moansar/@The_Truthteller account, Ansar deleted all his DMs to her and her name is a fairly unusual one. It’s quite a series of coincidences!

  4. Chris Hearn

    This is the problem exactly. With so many lies and sock puppets and distortions by Mo, it’s almost impossible to figure out who is who. I’m becoming more convinced, however, that, although Mo has sock puppet accounts, he also seems to have a small twitter army dedicated to supporting him. I’m thinking these may be family members or something. But, again, getting to the truth with a pathological liar is a challenge. He lies, then lies about lies, and lies more about those lies.

    • I discussed that possibility with Jeremy Duns on twitter. We both agreed that if Mo Ansar was involving other people to defend him – esp family members – than that would be even worse.

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