Video: Karima Bennoune’s “When people of Muslim heritage challenge fundamentalism”


Standing in a corridor with a parrying knife, waiting for the door to be smashed in by fundamentalists wanting to kill your father for teaching evolution. Thankfully, they did not get in, but the experience set Karima Bennoune on a journey to promote not just human rights, but to show the struggle of Muslims against fundamentalism. By telling their story of living in the face of violence and intimidation.

I had heard of the title of her book “Your Fatwa Does Not Apply Here” but having watched the TED video it has jumped to the front of the next one to buy. Too often, I am asked where are the Muslims challenging fundamentalists? That I am on the left apologising for violence blaming anything other than islamism. That I am on the right using examples of Muslim fundamentalists to suggest at it’s heart this is the real isalm.


Karima Bennoune’s talk “When people of Muslim heritage challenge fundamentalism” is the thing to listen to about going beyond this left/right response. By telling stories of the sheer horror of what fundamentalists do, and of the people standing up against them. We hear about the murder and the madness. Much less about the people who are in the firing line taking them on.

Worth twenty minutes of your time.

Article written by John Sargeant on Homo economicus’ Weblog

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