Anjem Choudary Arrested


Reports are that nine men have been arrested in connection with a terrorist investigation, and Anjem Choudary is among their believed number.

At moments like this I could hug every single person that has been actively pointing out the danger that extreme Islamists like Choudary pose. This has been a long time coming. Too many while we waited have been radicalised to violence and hatred. How many have died, because of the insidious network that he spun, like a spider’s web, taking in the gullible?

Anti-fascist campaigners Hope Not Hate alleged in a report ‘Gateway To Terror’, that Choudary and al-Muhajiroun lead a network of hardline Islamist organisations across Europe from Belgium and the Netherlands, to France, Denmark and Italy to Germany, Norway and Finland, the largest extreme Islamist network in Europe.

Choudary’s network of influencers has sent hundreds of British Muslim citizens to fight in war zones, including at least 50 to Syria, and several hundred to Afghanistan and Pakistan, the report claims. [Source Huffington Post]

As Hope Not Hate said at the time of their “Gateway to Terror” report:

There will some people who will not be happy with our new report and consider it a departure from what we ‘do’ (historically we are better-known for opposing fascism and racism). There will be others who believe that by shining the light on Choudary and his gang we are inflaming hostility to Muslims.

They will be wrong.

Al-Mujahiroun is a hate group, pure and simple, and as such deserves our attention. Constantly feted by media yet treated as ‘clowns’ by many, it is by ignoring their threat that we let down the vast majority of Muslims who want nothing to do with Choudary.

The truth is the actions of this tiny minority of extremists leads to the stigmatisation of the entire Muslim community and the shameful idea of collective responsibility. The primary victim of al-Muhajiroun’s extremism is actually the wider Muslim community.

Free speech is a wonderful thing, and it means nothing if we cannot embrace the human rights of even those we condemn and abhor. Yet hatred must never be given a free ride because of claims we must have tolerance. That the intolerable must come out on top no matter the cost to a free society, is the death bell of civilisation.

Extremism must be challenged. At last a first step has been taken to destroy a publicly known network that facilitates a murderous and poisonous ideology.

The first step is always the hardest. It must not be the last.

Article written by John Sargeant on Homo economicus’ Weblog

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4 responses to “Anjem Choudary Arrested

  1. Ed

    Anjem Choudary (from what I have heard him say) sells a plausible brand of Islam. His followers are only “gullible” to the same degree that “carols and mince pies” Anglicans are.

  2. I would add that it ceases to be merely an assumption that Anjem Choudary is creating radical after radical when you see people like the killers of Lee Rigby in video footage with him. Reference the above comment, a reading of the Quran does support his brand of Islam, it’s just that decent, what we’d call moderate – or perhaps more in line with western standards – Muslims try to interpret it in a different way. A counter narrative is needed but when the starting place is the same religious book, I’m skeptical how effective that can be.

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