Epilepsy First Aid and the Wonderful Passerby

A seizure out in the open is a worse case scenario with my brother. Naturally, it happened today while I get over a bug at home, having looked after him at nights all weekend while ill. You naturally worry about support workers dealing with it for the first time. Let alone the first in decades out in the open.

He had just eaten his lunch, and was about to enjoy a regular walk round Boscastle. She noticed him going into a tonic chronic seizure, as he gradually started to fall. So there was no crashing to the hard ground.

Concerned he might get food into his lungs, my mother called an ambulance. This is where the passerby comes in. The ambulance control desk were having difficulties grasping the exact location to attend in the fishing village. There is one main road in and out of Boscastle.

Without being asked, people volunteered to be either end of the road so they could guide the ambulance to where they were. So my mother stayed reassuring my brother, and the support worker was able to respond as per training and care plans.

People will tell you that no one cares for one another anymore. That we are a fragmented society. A walk on the other side culture. Do not get involved, it will not be your problem. Protect your skin while the weak perish.

That has never been my experience. People do step up. Whether it is the support worker, paramedics or the passerby. Guided by their training or following compassion to do the right thing.

So please, take a few moments to watch the video above. Be the person who never has to walk on by. To make a big difference – it really starts with having a big heart.

Then knowing what to do.

My thanks to all the strangers out there that really get what “we are all in this together” really means for society. You may never know how appreciated you are.

(Bro is sleeping back in his bedroom doing well.)

Article written by John Sargeant on Homo economicus’ Weblog

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