Humanists Denied Legal Wedding Ceremonies In England


I believe in love, that feeling that life is worth living the more for being loved by someone you adore, who is not the equal to anyone else. One day proving we were beyond measure to each other, as before friends and family we declared our love publicly and legally in a marriage ceremony.

Thousands of couples planning non-religious humanist weddings could have their hopes dashed after a row between the Tories and Liberal Democrats saw Number 10 veto proposals to give such marriages legal status. [Independent On Sunday]

The UK government does not believe in England I should be able to do this as a humanist. Scientologists – who believe we are controlled by thetans which were indoctrinated by images like Christ thus making us partial to false religions – may legally conduct a marriage ceremony. Their founder said that atheists:

“are less capable, less ethical and less valuable to themselves and society….A man without an abiding faith is, by observation alone, more of a thing than a man.” [Scientology]

Observation alone is regrettably not enough to show how dangerous a cult scientology can be in denying the health benefits from modern medicine and care.

Even the Aetherius Society may conduct legally recognised ceremonies. They too were founded in the 1950s, when an extra terrestrial intelligence got in touch. They are now “cooperating with the Gods in space.” Why do we not see UFOs landing with conclusive evidence?

“Because it is not the right time. Our collective karma is such that we do not deserve such a landing.” [Aetherius Society]

The government has belief in belief, no matter how far fetched or imaginary it may be. I have no such supernatural inclinations, I keep my feet on the ground. On this terra firma which will in time consume this body currently thinking and typing. It will be the end of me, no final judgment with a heaven or hell to await. For thinking this is the only life I have, that no Gods, angels, demons or aliens await my spirit in a next life – I may not marry legally in a ceremony that denies these things.

I am a “fringe political concern.” My loves, my hopes and dreams do not deserve legal recognition. The law states a UFO enthusiasts club that worships the earth as a Goddess may conduct a marriage. The British Humanist Society may not.

That burns, and I feel for those that had planned to be married in a humanist ceremony that gave them meaning. A change we were promised and waiting on for months has been denied for political reasons. The Conservative Party has shown it does not regard citizens without faith as having the same entitlements as those that do.

This should outrage us all. Till then, it will have to be an elopement to Scotland. Admittedly I do have to work on being adored by someone first, which might be the only miracle I will believe in happening one day.

More on the story can be read from The British Humanist Association.

Photo from an an outdoor humanist marriage service by Loch Lomond, Scotland from here.

Article written by John Sargeant on Homo economicus’ Weblog

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