PREVENT and Religion


The UK government has announced, as part of its Prevent strategy, that even toddlers at nursery need to be watched out for in case they are groomed by others towards Islamic extremism that would make them susceptible to terrorism.

The boy went to school, and the teachers noticed something different about him. He did not sing at school assembly, not even join in happy birthday, and would not bow his head during school prayer. But he would pause before he ate anything. Eagle eyes would have picked up he was praying.

He had been in town telling people that this evil impure world was going to end, and that only faith in the one true God was going to save them. Death was certain for the unbelievers, and deserved. Asked whether that would require the faithful killing other people, he replied that God had ordered unbelievers to be killed before by man, and his judgment was beyond the question of anyone. His divine law was the thing to pray and live for. No one would want to witness the end of this system of things. Better to be dead before seeing that horror.

World governments were but puppets of their master, Satan. Politics were the machinations of the evil one. It should be no surprise that the faithful would be oppressed and despised. For they obeyed God first, and death held no fear compared to that devotion to him. The world was nothing to be a part of, it offered trifles compared to what God could.

Yet no calls were made to alert the security services. That if God commanded he would kill, as had holy men before, was not cause enough to concern anyone. For it was common knowledge the stories he referenced of death and destruction.

He slipped under the radar, even leaving school for some years.

However, he ended up writing a blog about religion and fundamentalism. Including what it was like as a child being indoctrinated in the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

You have just read his post.

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