Video: Russell Brand Says Vote Labour

By George he’s got it! Civic activism is not enough. Voting to have the MPs you want matters if you want to be heard. Russell Brand has finally realised parliamentary democracy is no laughing matter. Legislation is important for the issues we care about: health, education, the economy, social justice and human rights, to name a few.

After interviewing Ed Miliband last week, he has released the above video which includes a previous unbroadcast part. The video begins with a recap look at the other political parties. After showing the new bit with Ed Milband, he urges people to vote for Caroline Lucas if they are in Brighton. Elsewhere in England vote Labour. The Scots are given their independence to decide. Wales and Northern Ireland are absent in consideration.

Heaven may rejoice at one sinner that repents. Coming just days before the May 7 General Election, I am not so easily prepared to forgive and forget. The right have had the run of the politics since 2010, aided by the Liberal Democrats who should have known better. For too long, Brand led the charge not to change the top of the political class. The very MPs that make our laws. He articulated a rambling rush of nonsense to justify non voting. The apathetic on the left lapped it up.

Change has only ever happened when the public demand it, and the shifting political will responds to the need for change. Voting is only a small part of politics, but as a citizen body it is what counts most for our representative democracy.

Watching the education of Russell Brand in politics has been interesting. He has decided we should vote to tackle what the right of the Conservative Party are doing. Yet his own ideas need challenging too.

That is politics – being challenged. Russell Brand is not as funny as he used to be. He is now, not so much of a joke either.

Article written by John Sargeant on Homo economicus’ Weblog

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  1. Good grief! Is the hairy, little pseudo-luftmensch growing up? Next he’ll be learning how to shave himself.

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