Why it’s so important to vote in Hampstead & Kilburn

Those that have read ‘Radical’ will know about Maajid Nawaz’s activities at Newham College. In this post the person that stood against him at a student election explains why you should vote for him if you live in the Hampstead and Kilburn constituency.

“We need national figures like Maajid Nawaz who is willing to speak up for our secular values, a secular public education system, and against extremism.”

The first blog post by https://twitter.com/auddin76 is well worth a read.


Do you live in the Hampstead & Kilburn constituency? I feel obliged to share a story with a view to persuading you that it is imperative that you get out there and vote on the 7th of May. If you live elsewhere please share this story with someone who does.

I doubt that Maajid Nawaz remembers me. I certainly couldn’t forget him or Mahbub Hussain (now known as Ed Husain, co-founder of Quilliam Foundation).They both made Newham College a lively place in the mid 90s.That’s an understatement by the way. They were noticeable even among the lecturers and management for being articulate, outspoken and verbally overbearing, and to me at least, particularly annoying. At the age of 18, I was very aware of my youth and inexperience. They were not.

At break times, in the common rooms, entrances and hallways, Mahbub Hussain would give impromptu rants, speeches, and sermons. At…

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