Non-white people can be racist.

Tom writes on the “I cannot be racist, because …” phenomenon. Maybe we can raise awareness this sticks out like “I’m not racist, but …”

Politics ad Infinitum

This is Goldsmiths university student union welfare and diversity officer, Bahar Mustafa, explaining why she can’t be racist:


I, an ethnic minority woman, cannot be racist or sexist to white men because racism and sexism describe structures of privilege based on race and gender.

Therefore, women of colour and minority genders cannot be racist or sexist, since we do not stand to benefit from such a system. For our actions to have been deemed racist or sexist, the current system would have been that enabled only women and people of colour to benefit economically or socially on such a large scale and to the systematic exclusion of white men, who for the past 400 years would have had to be subjected to colonisation..

To be racist is to be powerful. Racism is racial prejudice married with power. This definition of racism – nourished in Liberation groups, circulated by social…

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