Tom Holland Is The New Spiderman 


Regrettably, the Tom Holland I know has been overlooked for the role of Spiderman. I hope to show, using the old Spiderman theme, that he was clearly born for the role.



Spiderman, Spiderman,

Does whatever as a historian

Spins a tweet, any size,

Uses history to open eyes

Look Out!

Here comes the Spiderman.



Is he strong?

Listen bud,

He’s got vampire blood.

Can he swing into a thread

Then hit a six overhead

Hey, there

There goes the Spiderman.



In the chill of night

At the scene of misinformation

Like a streak of light

He arrives to save the situation



Look out Mr Ansar!



Spiderman, Spiderman

Friendly neighborhood Spiderman

Wealth and fame

He’s ignored

His Savile suit is it’s own reward.

Look out!

Here comes the Spiderman



To him, life is a Roman big bang up

Wherever there’s a Viking hang up

You’ll find the Spiderman.

On a more serious note, there is a poem celebrating Tom’s aim to raise funds for children to be schooled in India. These charitable endeavours: “Never before will rank incompetence have been put to such a noble cause” go by the name of BatAid. Armand D’AnGour penned:


Let us sing of the sound of leather on wood,

As our hero strides out for a cause that is good,

To support orphan children who need to be taught:

From Tom’s bat to the book every pound must be sought!


If you have enjoyed our poetry efforts, or feel British pluck against the odds deserves support, then do please donate via this link.


Article written by John Sargeant on Homo economicus’ Weblog

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6 responses to “Tom Holland Is The New Spiderman 

  1. Perhaps we could create a new comic-book hero for him to portray. We could call it “The History Man.” Not sure of the special powers, yet. The costume would probably involve cheese-cloth, though.

  2. Odd? I suspect the first two things most would do is: 1 Lottery numbers! 2 Try it on with Lord Nelson or/and Emma Hamilton. The Grassy Knoll could wait.

  3. I’ve got it! “Footnote-Man” Special power? “Cutting through the murk”

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