A Clarification on Vive Charlie and Paul Weston of Liberty GB

Via twitter it has been made clear to me that Vive Charlie assumed only Geert Wilders would be the guest speaker (at the above event). They claim to have neither invited Paul Weston, nor to have pre approved him for speaking at an event, which according to adverts, they are presenting with Sharia Watch UK, and which they confirm they are co hosting. Apparently, it slipped anyones mind to make their co hosting dependent on approval of guest speakers for the event.

So, all that makes supporting an event as co host where someone says this sort of thing on “Preventing White Genocide” by Muslims alright then, presumably …

Make particular note that as muslims have more children, they will have more “fighters” when the genocide kicks off here in the UK.

Plus of course banning all muslims from public office as Andrew Neil mentioned when interviewing Paul Weston.

I am more than happy to clarify, and have done so on a previous post too where I had assumed as co hosts they might have had something to do with invitations.

[Update 9:40PM

@noisykafir, co founder of Vive Charlie, has sent this comment:

“No, as you’ve been told many times (and you continue to ignore), Vive Charlie’s involvement is purely the artwork. Guilt by association is a form of ad hominem fallacy. It deserves no respect as an argument.

Get over it John. This smear campaign is getting a bit pathetic in its desperation.”

We have gone from “co hosts” (the official Twitter account of the magazine, tweet linked above), co supporters (advertisement above) to “purely the artwork.”

The point all along is whether hosting and supporting an event which has as guest speaker Paul Weston helps fighting extremism. My argument, is giving a solidarity platform to the far right strengthens extremism rather than helps to oppose it. The nothing to do with us looks disingenuous or they really do not care about opposing the far right after Weston has been invited.

They would rather co host, and support an event the far right are invited to speak at than do so. The far right are not the extremists to join with in solidarity against Islamic extremists.

Article written by John Sargeant on Homo economicus’ Weblog

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