In Bangladesh Secular Bloggers Are On The Run From The Police and Machete Wielding Fundamentalists

5th blogger killed since 2013

In a must read post on the situation Bangladeshi secular bloggers find themselves, with the brutal machete murders of four of them this year, you may think police might be trying all they can to protect such bloggers.

The alternative alas, is the police reminding them they could face 14 years in jail, if the fundamentalists do not kill them first:

At a press briefing at the Police Headquarters on Sunday, he [chief of police] also suggested notifying police if anyone’s blog was found to be offensive to religions.
“There will always be free thinkers. I have enough respect for them. But we need to remember that hurting religious sentiments is a crime according to our law.
“Any offender of religious beliefs may get the highest punishment of 14 years (in jail)…

The post ends: ‘Can anybody help the bloggers? Can the rest of the world stop assuming Bangladesh is Secular? What will the world do now? will the killings continue?’

Please read the whole of this post here.

Article written by John Sargeant on Homo economicus’ Weblog

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