Would Anne Marie Waters Sue, Killing Vive Charlie If They Refused To Take Part In Mohammed Cartoon Event?

Someone from Vive Charlie has mentioned concern that the magazine might be forced to close if they do pull out of the event, due to a confidential contract for them to be part of the Mohammed Cartoon exhibition. However, Anne Marie Waters has replied to me that she would not sue if they did pull out.

Due to the attack of the humourless morons yesterday we’re running at bit behind schedule. Issue 19 won’t be long, please bear with us.

The new issue of Vive Charlie will be out at 2 PM today. However, rather than it being late just due to contributors being waylaid by twitter, it may have something to do with the contract that Vive Charlie have to participate in the Mohammed Cartoon event. One that they signed before Paul Weston was invited as a guest speaker.

When asked why Vive Charlie (note these quotes are from deleted tweets to somebody else not addressed to me or my questions), if they are concerned about an event with Paul Weston’s extreme far right views, do not just pull out, a contributor to the magazine remarked “We are too young a mag to survive a law suit. It would finish us.” Asked about co hosting such a blatant racist they replied “Oh, we are not denying it. We are devastated. It will cement out reputation.”

Is there anyway round this? “I’ve suggested a disclaimer. We are all disgusted at Weston’s presence. But we were done over.” 12 hours ago they were still “discussing about whether Vive Charlie will contribute.” At 2PM today we will see how Vive Charlie will publicly state their position.

On twitter Anne Marie Waters responded to my question about suing Vive Charlie if they pulled out:

Would you or Sharia Watch UK, sue Vive Charlie if they pulled out of the cartoon event bc Paul Weston is speaking?

No. But I bet you won’t believe me, so there’s little point answering. You should go write a blog about it.

Believing Anne Marie Waters means that Vive Charlie can show their “disgust” by walking out of the event with no lawsuit.

Will Vive Charlie publicly mention how “disgusted” they are at Paul Weston’s presence? Possibly not. Jihadist Joe is not into that “marxist labelling” he told another blogger. Rather, I suspect it will be more on the lines that free speech means that we should listen to everyone and any attempt to close off anyone’s access should be resisted. Also, that hosting in support of free speech is not the same thing as supporting what a guest speaker thinks or has to say. I suspect the language will be a tad more colourful in making these points against the PC brigade.

The problem is the difference between free speech – I have on this blog given everyone a chance to hear what Paul Weston has to say in a youtube video about white genocide and his Andrew Neil interview – and giving a solidarity platform that emboldens the far right. Rather than the right for all to draw what the hell we like and those offended will just have to get over it, this is about ensuring we do not condone a politician that wants to ban all muslims from public office.

His presence undermines the reason for the event. Rather than the exhibition being against forced censorship of artists or their brutal bloody murder, it will be seen as undermining all Muslims by having such a guest speaker who wants to take away their political rights and sees them as outbreeding indigenous people for the coming genocide of white people.

Whether Paul Weston pulls out, or whether Anne Marie Waters cares more about the event than being criticised for wanting to work with far right groups, remains to be seen.

Watch this space.

Update: 6PM Vivie Charlie respond to criticism in 19th Issue

The latest issue came out few hours later than billed, and co founder @noisykafir mentioned in the meantime the post above on twitter saying “This bullying by Sargeant et al is getting quite insidious. ‘Do as I say or else’.”  I invite readers to see where my or else exists. The event should go ahead, and if they want Paul Weston to speak then by all means do so. Just do not pretend this signals an intention to challenge the far right who are using cartoons for their own anti-muslim agenda.

In the 19th issue of Vive Charlie, they mention “criticism has steadily increased because Paul Weston is due to speak at the event after being invited to do so by Sharia Watch.” They do not spell out why people are so critical of Paul Weston and Liberty GB – suggesting instead  “the desire by some to control who gets to have freedom of speech and who doesn’t.”

The problem is it is very difficult to stand with someone without also being shoulder to shoulder with them. As the co founder knows having linked to my articles, the problem with Paul Weston talking on free speech is his “white genocide” narrative for the UK saying muslims will kill white people, and banning all muslims from public office. What helps feed such paranoia and totalitarian policy response? That islamic extremists will kill cartoonists. Hence, by giving him a platform it is emboldening the far right.

Free speech means we can disagree with one another. My hope is that those willing to participate in the event will at least reflect on what Paul Weston stands for, and then decide the matter for themselves. Vive Charlie does not even hint what they may be. I trust they will use google and see what has been said about Weston and Liberty GB.

The difference of opinion from me is that the far right are pariahs for civil society, just like clerical fascists, and deserve eternal opposition for those that value the liberty and freedom – which they both seek to destroy if they obtained power. It makes a mockery of free speech having someone who is so against it speaking, who himself would control who gets to have free speech by denying public office to muslims.

“By co-hosting this event we are not supporting, sharing, or legitimising anyone’s views other than those regarding the right to depict Mohammed and oppose blasphemy laws.” Just giving a platform to someone with repellent, obnoxious, racist, anti-free speech views.

“It would be hypocritical of us to claim we support freedom of expression and then pull out of the event because we don’t agree how someone has exercised that freedom.” Notice how it suddenly does become about more than the freedom to draw Mohammed? If it is about free expression in general, than the anti-free speech of Paul Weston becomes a legitimate point to bring up.

Liberty GB is the sort of group that can write about maintaining western liberal democracy and then in the same paragraph “We must stop the building of mosques and remove all Islamic institutions. National culture must come first.”

So much for free speech and freedom of expression for everyone.

Article written by John Sargeant on Homo economicus’ Weblog

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5 responses to “Would Anne Marie Waters Sue, Killing Vive Charlie If They Refused To Take Part In Mohammed Cartoon Event?

  1. I followed bits of that exchange about threats to sue earlier. It did seem a bit odd – VC may not be well off, but wpuld AMW have the time/funding/inclination to bring a lawsuit over this? Seems improbable.

    • Well that reason has been shot down, so now there is no financial implication for VC to walk to show their “disgust” the question is will they? Their twitter accounts suggest they will not, but the “lawsuit” defence seems to have been rebuffed publicly by AMWs. 2 PM we find out.

  2. “the desire by some to control who gets to have freedom of speech and who doesn’t.” That’s so disingenuous – you don’t have to platform-share with someone to allow them their freedom of speech. It’s the mirror image of annoying ‘progressives’ who think that if something’s a bit offensive then it can’t also be a free speech issue.

  3. @noisykafir left me these questions as a comment. Here they are, with my answers:

    NK: It’s interesting how you’re all feeding misinformation to each other between your blogs. I think that’s termed “bottom feeding”.

    Some questions for you:

    1. Would you silence Weston?

    No – I think it’s important we can hear what anyone has to say. Which is why I included two videos of Paul Weston speaking. We cannot be against what we are not allowed to hear. My opposition to Weston for this event has been about emboldening the far right and letting a free speech agenda be used by those who are themselves anti-free speech like Weston is.

    2. What are you afraid will happen if he speaks?

    If he is given a platform, given how he is against muslims holding public office and believes in decades they will kill white people in a civil war, the event will be seen as an anti-Muslim far right love in. That will detract from what could be the ultimate aim of the exhibition that I answer in your next question.

    3. What is your ultimate aim with regards this exhibition?

    I want it to be about celebrating sacrilegious art and caricature, and be a massive fuck you to those that try to censor or kill artists. Where is the guest speaker platform for artists persecuted by Islamists? It could have been much more imaginative, and supportive of the people we want to celebrate and who Islamists want to kill – cartoonists.

    For these reasons, and more, some secularists and free speech advocates feel they cannot participate in the event.

    NK: Rather than cutting and pasting my comments into your blog perhaps you could try something outrageous and simply reply like an adult.

    No, but I appreciate the questions you asked. Pity you blocked me on Twitter really.

  4. Omar Mansoor

    It very revealing how you censor comments.

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