The Foreign & Commonwealth Office’s reply to our Open Letter

A reply by the Foreign and Common Office to the Free Raif campaign.

The email I received, which linked to this post I have reblogged also mentioned:

“On the same day it was confirmed that Raif’s case has for the second time been referred to the Saudi Supreme Court – an unprecedented occurrence. We are confident that your support for our Open Letter will have contributed to that.

We know we have to do a lot more work. The numerous human rights organisations, English PEN, Index on Censorship, Campaign Against the Arms Trade, Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain and the Jimmy Wales and Peter Tatchell Foundations will be meeting again next week to discuss how we continue the campaign to free Raif and Waleed and to fight for free speech and human rights in Saudi Arabia.”

Free Raif Badawi

Delivery of Open Letter and Day of Action on June 17th

We delivered our Open Letter to David Cameron along with a delegation of parliamentarians and human rights activists. In the evening we held a public meeting in Parliament

See this link for videos, photographs and report.

On August 12th we received a reply.

We put here and below a link to the FCO’s response to our Open Letter in support of Raif Badawi



We asked some of our signatories for some quick comments. We welcome other comments which will be published here after moderation.

“The UK government has always claimed to raise human rights concerns in meetings with the Saudis, but these consequence-free “expressions of concern” are meaningless (and obviously disregarded by the regime). 

The letter says that Saudi remains an FCO “designated Country of Concern” but fails to mention that the government has now decided to abolish this designation in its human rights…

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