We need to stop letting extremists or their sympathizers control & shape narratives in this discussion

A reblog from Nice Mangos, discussing Vive Charlie and its co founders, @jihadistjoe and @noisykafir.

Every religion apologist, or more specifically *Islam apologist*, likes to feel validated for claims of constant victimization. They love it when they come across an ‘atheist’ that personifies the bigotry they accuse us all of. There aren’t many atheists that I know who’ve left behind bigoted ideologies to align with other bigoted ideologies…but those that do exist are pure gold for an Islam apologist.

For the past few days the Vive Charlie / Jihadist Joe crew has been terribly furious with me and other secular bloggers for calling out their problematic ideas and associations.

Jihadist Joe is a popular ‘satire’ twitter account, that critiques ‘Islam’, but ends up being more anti-Muslim than anti-Islam. He is also one of the founders of Vive Charlie, which is a seemingly far-right, anti-migrant, anti-muslim magazine. It was set up after the horrific mass shooting of cartoonists at French satirical (left-leaning) publication Charlie Hebdo. Sadly, out of ignorance…Charlie Hebdo is too often accused of ‘bigotry’ and ‘racism’, as many critics of religion…especially *one* particular religion are. If anything lends credibility to such false accusations, it’s publications like Vive.

The difference between a critique of ideology and a critique of entire groups of people is lost on too many – on both the left and the right. The left conflates any criticism of Islam (the idea) with racism/bigotry and ends up pandering to the Islamic far right which is deeply troubling. The Western far right however, lumps together all *Muslims* and tries to pass it off as legitimate criticism of the ideology, also troubling.

In the middle of this ‘hate-sandwich’ you have ex-Muslims like me. We are called self-hating bigots, ‘native informants’, ‘islamophobes’, ‘uncle Tom’, ‘house Arab’ by the left…and we are called ‘overly PC’, islam-apologists by the far right. Kind of impossible to be both…

Ah yes, my penchant for political correctness must be why my work is often censored and why I receive a constant stream of death threats.

The way I see it, ideas don’t have rights, bad ideas should be discussed and mocked without hesitation. Groups of diverse people however, should not be unfairly generalized.

It sounds simple enough, but it isn’t for some. Either they just don’t get the difference, or they are knowingly bigoted.

Below I will share screenshots of interactions with the Vive Charlie gang, and you can decide which it is in this case.

It started when they were caught with their hands in the bigotry jar, teaming up with and endorsing Katie Hopkins (who happens to think migrants are like cockroaches and viruses). You can read my previous piece on that here. They were then proven to be dishonest by Sam Harris’ confirmation that he did not agree to write for them, as they had falsely claimed.

Do read more of the post here.


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