Mohammed Cartoon Event in London Cancelled


Full details, plus future plans, to follow.”

That is all the post on Sharia Watch UK says regarding the cancellation of the Mohammed Cartoon exhibition, about five hours after posting. The exhibition had been due to take place in London next month.

The fear of terrorism places costs – both financial and psychological. They should not have to exist for drawing or exhibiting a cartoon. Usually they do not. When it comes to depictions of Mohammed, they do. To draw him is to risk a gun being drawn on you. As I have repeatedly said on this blog, drawing blood not drawing is what needs to be condemned here.

Fighting islamic extremism is not helped by emboldening the far right. The exhibition giving a platform to Paul Weston was doing exactly that. A man who claims muslims are breeding more thus will have more fighters when the whites are killed in the coming genocide for the UK. A man who wants to ban all muslims from public office.

I had answered some questions from @Noisykafir, co founder of Vive Charlie who were co hosting the event with Sharia Watch UK, regarding the exhibition:

1. Would you silence Weston?

No – I think it’s important we can hear what anyone has to say. Which is why I included two videos of Paul Weston speaking. We cannot be against what we are not allowed to hear. My opposition to Weston for this event has been about emboldening the far right and letting a free speech agenda be used by those who are themselves anti-free speech like Weston is.

2. What are you afraid will happen if he speaks?

If he is given a platform, given how he is against muslims holding public office and believes in decades they will kill white people in a civil war, the event will be seen as an anti-Muslim far right love in. That will detract from what could be the ultimate aim of the exhibition that I answer in your next question.

3. What is your ultimate aim with regards this exhibition?

I want it to be about celebrating sacrilegious art and caricature, and be a massive fuck you to those that try to censor or kill artists. Where is the guest speaker platform for artists persecuted by Islamists? It could have been much more imaginative, and supportive of the people we want to celebrate and who Islamists want to kill – cartoonists.

For these reasons, and more, some secularists and free speech advocates feel they cannot participate in the event.

Now it seems the platform no longer exists for anyone to use.

Was such an event honouring the sacrifice of Charlie Hebdo? A telling bit in an interview with two of their cartoonists regarding the Texas Mohammed cartoon event sheds some light on that kind of question

We need to oppose all extremism – in whatever hateful guise it takes, when it threatens the liberties and freedoms of citizens.

Article written by John Sargeant on Homo economicus’ Weblog

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