Muslim drag queens

Sam is often sharing his blog with me via twitter. His post on #muslimdragqueens is a long overdue reblog of his writings. Post based on a documentary aired on Channel 4 last night.

Thoughts of a Politics student

Late last night on twitter I saw the hashtag #Muslimdragqueens, this was something which surprised me as it would anyone at seeing the hashtag at 1 o’clock in the morning. This piqued my interest and i went on it only to see what i was sadly expecting, the level of vitriol aimed at the programme and those who identify as LGB was quite horrifying. The opinion polling on Islam and homosexuality makes for little better reading than the gargantuan amount of abuse on twitter. Gallup’s poll in 2009 found 0% of Muslims are supportive of homosexuality, the pew research centre found not dissimilar results around the world.  However there is also data which shows the opposite, Demos conducted polling which found that a large minority favoured the progressive treatment that Britain gives to its gay citizens, and in America a substantial minority support gay marriage. This polling gives hope that maybe…

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