Video: How Three Al Jazeera Journalists In Egypt Got Caught In The Middle

Mohamed Fahmy

Mohamed Fahmy

In a five minute must watch clip, one of the sentenced journalists in Egypt details how his news network, Al Jazeera, let them down in a political game between Egypt and Qatar.

In Egypt three Al Jazeera journalists have been sentenced to three years in prison. There had been hopes that at least they might have been sentenced to time already served in detention. Instead, they return to the terrorist dungeon wing of a prison as a result of a political game between Egypt and Qatar. Qatar own Al Jazeera and support the Muslim Brotherhood, who President Sisi led a coup against as an army General on his path to taking power and outlawing the Islamist organisation. One of the journalists, Canadian Mohamed Fahmy, details in a must watch five minute clip below, how all this has played out just prior to being sentenced.

Al Jazeera, or those working for them, were supplying equipment and support to the Muslim Brotherhood, something Fahmy reveals in the clip. The result has been to put their journalists at risk of exactly this sort of political retaliation. One where at their initial trial, they had been accused of working with Satan.

That is about as credible as the evidence ever seemed against them.

My thanks to Roxane for sharing the video with me.

Article written by John Sargeant on Homo economicus’ Weblog

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