Rushdie Responds to CJ Werleman Comparing His Book To His

CJ Werleman has decided to use the criticism of his latest book, and responses to his threatening legal action for Godless Spellcheckers review, to make this comparison:


As Spellchecker pointed out, spelling the names of people is something much absent in the book, as the tweet hints at. The brazen comparison though is breathtaking when we know atheist bloggers are being killed by Islamic extremists in Bangladesh. Let alone comparing his book to The Satanic Verses

A massive ego, for someone that had to self publish such a book. 

CJ’s tweet was brought to Rushdie’s notice, and his response says it all.  

Article written by John Sargeant on Homo economicus’ Weblog

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2 responses to “Rushdie Responds to CJ Werleman Comparing His Book To His

  1. “The dangerous rise of secular extremists?” Maybe I don’t follow the news well enough, but this isn’t something I have noticed. I did notice the dangerous rise of religious extremism. But maybe someone can point me out where to find these supposed secular extremists?

  2. Nicholas

    CJ demonstrating his utter obliviousness to precisely what kind of people we are dealing with when it comes to Islamists. Rushdie shows a great deal of either courage in the face of Islamists or restraint in engaging with Werleman. Not interesting? Surely he must really mean utterly delusional? Disgusting? Blood curdling?

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