A Son Replies To His Mother In The Guardian

You may have read The Guardian article about a mother chastising her ten year old child for disrespecting her. She reminicises about all the motherly things she has done for him, that she deserves respect because she loves him.

I thought it would be fun to imagine his reply, as a clearly bright child that reads The Guardian:

Dear Mum,

As you wrote in The Guardian about my behaviour, I thought it only right to point out your own using key buzz words I have learnt from reading it. Did you enjoy punching down on a child, as you listed all the things you had done for me – which all mothers would be expected to do for a helpless infant offspring? Using your privilege to write an article highlighting your displeasure of me in a shaming and humiliating way to get what you want?

I behaved like a child. This is natural. I have an excuse which you do not. I am only just beginning to learn as I approach adolescence the concept of being independent and asserting my sense of self. This is new to me, and I am going to get it wrong. Rather than exposing my shortcomings to a national newspaper, I need to know that you can give me the space, time and patience to learn how to deal with all this. 

What I cannot learn from, is a competition between us where one of us must prove (in a newspaper no less) they are right and the other is wrong. I need to learn in a positive environment how to express myself. If you had really listened I was asking for respect and love myself. I need you to understand me, and when you respond with disappointment and anger it is clear you do not. 

Help me express myself better, but remember I am a child and still learning. Just as you are a mother who is still learning too.

I do love you Mum, just please remember the world is a lot bigger to me than it is to you. And perhaps we could talk next time (when we have both cooled down) instead of via a newspaper?



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