Sick Times

In a world of Netflix, PlayStation and supermarket deliveries to the door step, self isolating has never been so good thanks to the coronavirus. Assuming you aren’t actually ill. When I had swine flu, courtesy of a work colleague that came back from abroad, it was not fun.

If regular flu is you wouldn’t go outside your house to pick up a £20 note, swine flu is you wouldn’t care if the lounge downstairs was being ransacked by full time female naturists for their cause. You wouldn’t even want to take a peak down the stairs or through the bedroom curtain. All you would ask is they would at least be quiet, and maybe thoughtfully bring you some chilled orange juice before they leave.

It is a bit different now, as a full time caregiver. My disabled brother has life threatening asthma and my elderly mother has weakened kidneys. The most at risk group from coronavirus. Assuming us bunch of economic inactives are not bullied into fruit picking by Home Secretary Priti Patel, we might have to stay away from social settings.

We all decided last week to get haircuts to see us through these uncertain times; you can face anything with a smart haircut. The coffee place next door was unusually deserted, but we could not patronise as they were bleaching the whole floor to kill any lingering virus. The smell should be as reassuring as a hospital corridor. Breathed in for long enough by my asthmatic brother, he would need oxygen during an ambulance ride to A&E.

It is no more trips out to places like the supermarket for the elderly. That is what WHO were recommending. Your number really could be up going to the bingo. So it’s house at home.

So thoroughly wash your hands for 20-30 seconds in a regular and need to basis, boost your immune system by eating healthily (masturbation helps too I read), catch it bin it, sneeze and cough into your elbow if you cannot catch in time, stop touching your mouth, nose and face. Do yourself and others a favour and reduce the spread.

Anything you recommend on Netflix or Prime?


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3 responses to “Sick Times

  1. Who knew it was good for your immune system? Good to know. There must be a Tim Minchin song in that.

    Good to hear from you. Best wishes to you and yours, in this time of pestilence.

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