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BBC pull Archbishop Rowan Atkinson Sketch from iPlayer

Whilst I agree with the blog, more to this than just religious sensibilities. The context is a BBC that has had serious problems with comedy (think Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand prank phone call on Radio) and with pulling documentary on Jimmy Saville as a serial pedophile, but still running a tribute programme to him. Having lost a Governor over all this with the final straw being a news programme slandering someone as a pedophile implies a corporation running scared about it’s future in austerity Britain.

We can also add that with media outlets, that see the BBC as unfair public competition, out to get them and overshadowing what was a great night for philanthropy, BBC decided to reduce impact of the story by reducing possible viewing so complaint numbers may be even less significant.

None of these things justify the action – the sketch was funny and tongue in cheek parody satire. Do not like it then do not tune in. As I do not for “Thought for the Day” on Radio 4. BBC has got this wrong but can understand why they have. Thought the context may explain more.

My previous blog on (video has been pulled).

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Red Nose Day (Comic Relief) is a biennial UK telethon event, which aims to raise money for charity.  The hook is on the promise of entertainment in the form of famous faces ‘doing something funny for money’. It is hoped that this will attract viewers, and hopefully donations along with it.  (Our team raised over 10k! Just saying)

Over the years, some incredibly talented, hilarious performers and Lenny Henry have appeared during the TV event to participate in various skits, some live, some pre-recorded, some funny, some cringe-worthy. It doesn’t matter, it’s all for a good cause.

This year, Rowan Atkinson of Blackadder and Mr. Bean notoriety gave his time to appear via a pre-recorded sketch.  In the sketch, he appears in character (tongue firmly in cheek) as the ‘New Archbishop of Canterbury’.  Rather than provide an exhaustive description of the, in my view, rather tame contents, you can…

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Video: Rowan Atkinson New Archbishop Sketch

A brilliant sketch by Rowan Atkinson parodying New Archbishop of Canterbury, during Comic Relief. There have been 2,200 complaints, three quarters concerned with language. Though arsing about and shagging I would not consider offensive words pre watershed. The remainder of complaints were making the C of E look like well meaning buffoons trying to use popular culture to get with it.

Doubt complaints will be upheld for that. With over £75 million raised this was not just a good night for comedy.


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UPDATE: comic relief have had clip pulled for copyright infringement – yet BBC iPlayer have taken away legal means to watch due to complaints.

Have put up another youtube link. Watch till they pull again.

I suppose you could always love your neighbour instead …


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